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Tousvej 70


Tousvej 70
8230 Aabyhøj

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Fact sheet


Single room, 8-14 m2, no overnight staying guests allowed



Shared facilities

1 kitchen, 2 bathrooms

Rent / deposit

Rent: DKK 2650-3450

Deposit: DKK 6400


WiFi is provided.

The internet cost is included in the above-mentioned rent and paid for via a service agreement. 


The laundry cost is an additional expense paid for with Danish coins. 

Contract starts/ends

Starts: 1st of the month

Ends: last day of the month

Moving out date

Last working day of the month


Bed, table, book case, chair.

No blanket, pillow or bed linen.

Pets Not allowed

Distance to university

3.6 km to Aarhus BSS, 4.6 km to Nordre Ringgade

Total capacity

House shared by 10 international students

About living in a shared house

In a shared house you live together with other international students (no Danish students.) Each tenant has a single room and you share the kitchen and bathroom with the other tenants. You can cook and/or eat together or on your own - that is up to you. You have to clean the common areas every week and keep the kitchen tidy at all times. The house is located in a peaceful residential area. Therefore, you have to pay attention to the neighbors, and parties and loud music or behavior are not allowed. If you want to be allowed to arrange parties, you should instead apply for one of the dorms with common rooms, where parties are allowed.

About the shared facilities

Your lease includes a single room with access to shared facilities. The shared facilities are not private, and the landlord, IC staff, cleaning staff et al visit the shared facilities  when needed without notifying you in advance (similar to the conditions in a dorm.) Your room is private, can be locked and nobody will enter your private room without being invited.

About the area

Located in a peaceful residential area, Tousvej 70 offers 15 minutes by bike to the city center and campus. In summer you can enjoy the garden and within one km you find the recreational area Brabrand Sø - a popular spot for jogging and picnic. You find a variety of shops at Silkeborgvej and a big shopping center City Vest 1.5 km away.

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