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The Teknolog Residence


Ellemarksvej 64
8000 Aarhus C

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Fact sheet


  • Single room with private toilet and shared shower
  • Single room with shared toilet and shared shower

Shared facilities

On each floor (30 rooms):

  • 1 kitchen
  • 5 showers
  • 3 toilets

Rent per month/deposit

including heating, electricity and water

  • DKK 3825 / DKK 5000 .(shared toilet)
  • DKK 4025 / DKK 5000 (private toilet)


  • Wi-Fi is provided.
  • The internet cost is included in the rent.
  • The laundry cost is included in the rent.
  • Bed, table, closet, chair, duvet, pillow.
  • You need to bring and use bed linen.
  • Not allowed
  • Overnight staying guests not allowed
Distance to University
  • 4 km to Aarhus BSS, 5 km to Nordre Ringgade
  • Bus 5A to/from campus: 14 minutes.
Contract starts/ends
  • Starts: 1st of the month
  • Ends: last day of the month
  • It is not possible to start a lease on the 15th.
  • Minimum stay is one month.
Termination notice
  • 1 month before the 1st of the month
Moving out date
  • 3 working days before the end date of the contract
Number of rooms
  • 60
More information

Teknolog Kollegiet is an international dorm where you will live together with international students, PhD students and post docs. It is situated in the city centre close to the forest and the beach. Bus 5A takes you to campus in 12 minutes. The dorm has 60 furnished single rooms with and without private toilets. Showers are shared (the shower room can be locked and used privately). Duvet and pillow are provided. Size 90cm x 200cm. Minimum stay 1 month, maximum stay 12 months. Contracts start on the 1st and end on the last day of the month (no contracts from the 15th.) It is not possible to move in before the contract starts.

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