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Egmont Studentergaard


Tranekærvej 58
8240 Risskov

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Fact sheet

Room surface

  • 25 m2  (brutto)


  • Private


  • Shared

Shared facilities

  • Common living room with kitchen, laundry room

Rent per month/ deposit

  • Rent: DKK 2923 including utilities
  • Deposit: DKK 8574


  • The internet cost is included in the rent.
  • You must bring or buy a network cable (LAN not "cross-over") to connect to the internet. You must also bring or buy a router if you want to access the internet wirelessly (WiFi). 


  • The laundry cost is included in the above-mentioned rent and paid for via a service agreement.


  • Bed, table, chair, cupboard, lamp. No duvet or pillow.

Contract starts/ends

  • Starts: 1st or 15th of the month
  • Ends: the day before the 1st or 15th of the month
Termination notice
  • 6 weeks before the 1st or the 15th of the month

Moving out date

  • Last working day before the end date of the contract

Distance to university

  • 5.2 km to Aarhus BSS, 3.1 to Nordre Ringgade
  • Not allowed

Built in

  • 1964

Total capacity

  • 103 rooms

Available to exchange students

  • 11 rooms
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