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Egmont Studentergaard


Tranekærvej 58
8240 Risskov

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Fact sheet

This website is only applicable to you if you have received your housing offer from AU Housing. If you have received your offer from Student Housing Aarhus, you can find the correct information here.

Room surface

  • 25 m2  (brutto)


  • Private


  • Shared

Shared facilities

  • Common living room with kitchen, laundry room

Rent per month/ deposit

  • Rent: DKK 2923 including utilities
  • Deposit: DKK 6000


  • The internet cost is included in the rent.
  • You must bring or buy a network cable (LAN not "cross-over") to connect to the internet. You must also bring or buy a router if you want to access the internet wirelessly (WiFi). 


  • The laundry cost is included in the above-mentioned rent and paid for via a service agreement.


  • Bed, table, chair, cupboard, lamp. 
  • AU has encouraged previous tenants to leave a duvet and pillow, so you may be lucky to find these items in your accommodation. However, this cannot be guaranteed.

Contract starts/ends

  • Starts: 1st or 15th of the month
  • Ends: the day before the 1st or 15th of the month
Termination notice
  • 6 weeks before the 1st or the 15th of the month

Moving out date

  • Last working day before the end date of the contract

Distance to university

  • 5.2 km to Aarhus BSS, 3.1 to Nordre Ringgade


  • Not allowed

Built in

  • 1964

Total capacity

  • 103 rooms

Available to exchange students

  • 11 rooms
More information

Located in the northern part of Aarhus, Egmont Studentergaard is close to forrest, beach and the university. Forthermore grocery shopping is just around the corner at the shopping mall Veri Centret. Outside, there is a shared atrium courtyard with grillspot, garden furniture, and a small pond, inviting plenty of cozy gatherings on long summer evenings. 

Find more information on Facebook. 

The dormitory will undergo renovation from August 2024 to May 2025. Residents of the rooms slated for renovation will be relocated to equivalent rooms within the dormitory for the duration of the 3-week renovation period.