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Housing options AU Housing

AU provides housing services exclusively for certain groups of international students. If you don't belong to any of these groups, you can apply for housing at www.studenthousingaarhus.com.

AU Housing has access to around 700 rooms located in various dormitories and shared facilities houses. However, it's important to note that AU does not own these housing facilities; instead, it collaborates with different landlords and housing organizations. Therefore, tenants who receive a housing offer from AU Housing will receive a leasing contract from the landlord and not from AU. The conditions will differ depending on the location and will be clearly outlined in the contract.

Please note that AU Housing doesn't offer on-campus accommodation. In Denmark, on-campus housing is rare, and most students and staff live off-campus and commute to and from campus. The majority of the rooms allocated by AU Housing are situated within a 30-minute travel distance from campus.

You can find information about rent and deposit, along with other relevant details, under each individual dorm or shared house.

When you apply for housing through AU, you cannot request a specific dorm or location. Instead, you can prioritize your preferred type of housing and provide information about specific needs. The lists provided below cannot be used as lists of dormitories or shared houses to choose from, but you can refer to them to learn more about the lease before deciding whether to accept the housing offer.

Apply for housing

The housing application procedures are different for different target groups. Choose the category relevant for you:


PhD student


Herning, Emdrup, Aarhus or somewhere else?

Aarhus University has locations all over Denmark. Therefore you should check carefully, where your place of study or work is located.

Temporary accommodation only

AU Housing offers housing for your first months in Denmark only (6-12 months maximum.) Do you need housing for longer than 12 months you are expected to search for new housing options yourself.

Postdoc's and other staff members can't be accommodated in student dorms. Therefore go directly to your housing options here.

On campus or off campus?

Living at campus is not an option
In Aarhus dorms are NOT located at campus and you will therefore have to commute to/from your home every day. Most Danish students bike, but you can of course also walk or take the bus. Most dorms are located so you need a maximum of 30 minutes transport to/from campus. You can use www.journeyplanner.dk to find your way. Many international students are used to live on or near campus in their home country and will find it uncomfortable to travel to/from campus every day. However, public transportation in Aarhus is fast and efficient and you will get used to it within the first weeks.  

Student or staff?

In dorms you MUST be a student and twice per year the dorms conduct a student activity control (check that you register for and pass your exams.)

Staff members (postdocs and guest researchers) are not students and therefore not eligible for dorms. However, the IC Dorm, the Vennelyst and the Teknolog dorms accept staff members.  

Practical information

Please find answers to your questions here.