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Skelager Kollegiet


Skejbygårdsvej 1-11
8240 Risskov

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Fact sheet

This website is only applicable to you if you have received your housing offer from AU Housing. If you have received your offer from Student Housing Aarhus, you can find the correct information here.


This dorm offers a variety of housing types:

  • rooms with private bathroom & shared kitchen (type 3)
  • room in apartment where two persons share kitchen/bathroom (type 4)
  • Studios (type 5)
  • One-bedroom apartments with private bathroom and kitchen (type 6)

Shared facilities

  • Laundry room, TV room

Rent / deposit

(electricity, heating, water & internet included)

  • Apartment 5.315-6.473/10.000 DKK
  • Room with private bathroom: 3.114/8.715 DKK
  • Studio: 3.855/10.000 DKK


  • The internet cost is included in the rent.
  • You must bring or buy a network cable (LAN) to connect to the internet. You must also bring or buy a router if you want to access the internet wirelessly (WiFi). 
  • The laundry cost is included in the above-mentioned rent and paid for via a service agreement.
  • Bed (90x200 cm), table, chair, book case, lamp. Basic kitchenware.
  • AU has encouraged previous tenants to leave a duvet and pillow, so you may be lucky to find these items in your accommodation. However, this cannot be guaranteed.
Distance to university
  • 5.5 km to Aarhus BSS, 3.5 km to Nordre Ringgade
Contract starts/ends
  • Starts: 1st or 15th of the month
  • Ends: last day before the 1st or 15th of the month
Termination notice
  • 6 weeks before the 1st or 15th of the month
Moving out
  • You need to move out 7 weekdays before the contract ends
  • Not allowed

Built in

  • 1997

Total capacity

  • 129 rooms/apartments

Available to international students

  • 9 rooms/studios/apartments
Minimum stay 
  • 3 months
More information

This is a non-smoking dorm. Smoking is strictly prohibited both inside and outside the dorm. The no-smoking policy also includes your eventual guests at the dorm.   

There is lots of green space in this area. There is also a large student population, so it will not be hard to meet other students who live in the same area. 

Skejby Centret is a 5 minute walk away where there is a dentist, hairdresser, Føtex, doctor, bank, pharmacy and more. You will be able to get almost all the services you need in this area. Ikea and Silvan (for home renovations) are also within walking distance.

Residence webpage

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Outlines, examples

Below find examples of outlines of the different types of accommodation. Please note that these are examples, and your specific housing offer can be different. Disregard the furniture on the pictures. AU provides a bed, table, chair and cupboard per person.

Single room with private bathroom (type 3)

Single room in apartment (type 4)

Studio (type 5)

One-bedroom apartment (type 6)