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  • Housing in Aarhus

Students from EU countries, Schwitzerland, Norway and Iceland find information about housing options in Aarhus on the following pages.

Find information about:

  • How to apply for a dorm room in Aarhus
  • How to find accommodation at the private market
  • Top tips in finding a place to stay

Apply for a room in a dorm

Student Housing Aarhus is responsible for managing the majority of dormitory rooms in Aarhus. It's important to note that Aarhus University and Student Housing Aarhus are separate organizations, and students may be eligible to apply for housing through both entities. Due to high demand, both organizations often have lengthy waiting lists, so it's advisable to sign up as early as possible. Students can register for the waiting list at Student Housing Aarhus up to 6 months before the start of their studies, and admission documents are not required at the time of registration.

Find information about Student Housing Aarhus here.

Apply for other dorms


Studieboligerne are located in Universitetsbyen - the new campus being developed next to the old campus. 132 studios and one-bedroom apartments are available.

Top tips in finding a place to stay

Here are our best five advices for new international students looking for a place to stay in Aarhus.

Apply for a room in a student dorm

  • Send in your application to Student Housing Aarhus 6 months before you start at Aarhus University.
  • You can send in your application without a confirmation of enrolment or any other documentation (you will need it later, but you can gain seniority at the waiting list without it.)
  • Renew your application every month. VERY IMPORTANT.
  • Apply for a room from 1 June or 1 July instead of 1 August or 1 September.

Use the Housing Guarantee provided by the Municipality of Aarhus

  • You can subscribe to the housing guarantee between 1.2.-15.8. Read more here.

Look for rooms outside the campus area.

  • Most students in Aarhus don't live close to campus. With the use of www.journeyplanner.dk you will find, that you can easily commute to/from campus.

Don't arrive without having a place to stay

  • In many countries, it is a tradition that students go to the university cities and find a room with a private landlord within the first weeks. This tradition doesn't exist in Aarhus. It is more or less impossible to find a room in Aarhus in August and September, and we advice against taking the chance.

Don't be too critical

  • Everybody wants a cheap room in the city center. As you compete with thousands of other students about these rooms, we recommend that you set your expectations low, so you won't be disappointed. You may find that the location of your accommodation is not that important after all.