Aarhus University Seal

Your new city

Did you know that in Denmark you are never further than 50km from the sea? Denmark is a relatively small country, meaning clean beaches and green forests are rarely more than half an hour’s drive away. The towns and cities here provide numerous cultural and artistic offerings, and Aarhus is no exception. You will find that the distances here are short, which makes it possible to combine the atmosphere of Aarhus' buzzing city life with the relaxation of the beautiful Danish countryside and seaside. Since Denmark is relatively flat, it is common to travel around urban areas by bicycle, and all major Danish cities have a highly developed infrastructure to ensure the safety of cyclists. 

Campus in the centre of Aarhus city

The university is situated in a beautiful, yellow-brick campus in the centre of Aarhus city, including an attractive park that hosts students’ social activities, events, and concerts, and is available for all city residents to enjoy.

In 2023, The Knowledge Academy declared it to be one of the five most beautiful universities in Europe. Moreover, it was nationally recognised for its beauty in 2006, as Universitetsparken and Vennelystparken became officially protected by the Danish Palaces and Culture Agency, with the university's interweaving yellow bricks being noted as one of its iconic characteristics.

Aarhus, second largest city in Denmark

The city of Aarhus is situated on the Eastern cost of Jutland, the large peninsula in Denmark. Aarhus was ranked as the second happiest city in the world in 2020. The city is surrounded by coastline and beaches to the east, forests to the south, and beautiful hills with lakes and streams to the west. The city of Aarhus is home to more than 350,000 people, and around 14% of the city's population are students. That might explain why Aarhus was ranked as Denmark's best student city in 2021, 2022, and 2023! Along with the title of Denmark's best student city, Aarhus has also been ranked as the happiest city in the world 2023 by Happy City Index. This ranking takes into consideration the city's commitment to, among other things, education, inclusive policies and environmental protection. 

Aarhus University, and Aarhus city itself, is an attractive destination for students and researchers alike. There are excellent job prospects and educational opportunities for the entire family, with an international primary school and a registered International Baccalaureate school both within the city limits.