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AU Housing offers rooms in various student residences, which are listed below. However, please note that it is not possible to request a particular dormitory through AU Housing. The list provided merely offers information regarding the different types of dorms that may be offered.

The dorms differ considerably; some consist of single rooms with or without private bathrooms, which are shared with 10-15 Danish and international students. In contrast, other dorms offer apartments with two single rooms, and a kitchen and a bathroom shared with one other student. Alternatively, some dorms offer small apartments (studios) with private kitchen and bathroom facilities. For further information on each individual dorm, please refer to the details below.

Please be advised that it is prohibited for two individuals to occupy a single room, and no pets are allowed in any of the accommodations provided through AU Housing. Age limit: 18-35 years.

All rooms offered through AU Housing are equipped with basic furnishings, including a bed, table, chair, lamp, and cupboard or clothes rack. However, it is important to note that rooms offered through Student Housing Aarhus in the same dormitories are not furnished.

It is essential to bear in mind that no catered accommodation options are available. As such, residents are responsible for their own cooking and cleaning duties, both within their own rooms and in the shared areas alongside their fellow students. Additionally, it is important to note that gender-specific dormitories do not exist in Denmark.

Dorms for international students

Dorms for staff and PhD only

Living in a residence
Living in a residence provides you with more than just a room with a bed and a desk. Your peers will provide a strong network for growing and learning - many long-lasting friendships begin here. In many residences you will live together with Danish students, in a few residences you will live with international student/staff primarily.