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AASKO Kollegiet


Dalgas Avenue 8A + 8B
8000 Aarhus C

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Fact sheet

Room surface

Single room, 13 m2, no overnight staying guests allowed


Shared (two bathrooms per 16 students)



Shared facilities

Common living room with kitchen, laundry room

Rent per month / deposit

Rent: DKK 2224

Deposit: DKK 5769

Internet connection



Bed (90x200cm), table, chair, lamp.

No duvet, no pillow.

Distance to university

3.2 km to Aarhus BSS, 4 km to Nordre Ringgade

Contract starts/ends

Starts: 1st of the month

Ends: last day of the month

Termination notice 1 month before the 1st of the month
Moving out date Last working day of the contract
Total capacity 114 rooms

Available to AU Housing

11 rooms

Pets Not allowed
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Located in the city centre, close to shops, forest and beach.

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