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Housing application - exchange Aarhus

Applying for Housing as an Exchange Student

As a new exchange student at Aarhus University, you have the option to apply for housing through the university or search for other housing options on your own.

The housing application is integrated into the admission application process, and when you complete your admission application, you will be asked if you would like to apply for housing through the university.

If you choose to apply for housing through Aarhus University, you can find information about the application process below. However, please note that AU Housing does not provide a housing guarantee, so it is advisable to explore other housing options as well.

Additionally, it is important to note that you will only receive one housing offer from AU Housing at the most.

Before you start the application process

  • Read about the housing options.
  • It is NOT possible to apply for a specific location of your room. We are aware that you most likely prefer a room located close to campus. Unfortunately we can't find many of these rooms and therefore we can't provide many with this kind of room. Also, be aware that you don't find on-campus accommodation in Aarhus. If location is your primary concern we strongly recommend that you don't apply for housing through AU, but instead look for a room at the private market.
  • As a housing applicant, you will receive (maximum) one housing offer. If you don’t want the room you are offered,  you can just decline the housing offer, and instead look for a room at the private market.
  • A booking fee of 600 DKK will be charged IF you accept a housing offer from AU Housing. Declining a housing offer is free of charge.

Housing application process - exchange students

  1. To access the online application directions, please click here.
  2. From there, you can select the start date for your contract from the available options, which include 1.8., 15.8., and 1.9. for the autumn term, and 1.1., 15.1., and 1.2. for the spring term. However, before choosing a date, be sure to confirm the start date of your mandatory introduction program. Please note that if a room is not available on your requested date, we will attempt to find alternate accommodations for you either 14 days prior or after your desired date.
  3. Next, please indicate your preference for the type of accommodation you would like. Additionally, if you have any special needs or other relevant information to share in the housing allocation process, please inform us at this time.
  4. Once you have provided all necessary information, be sure to save it.

The housing allocation process

  1. You will receive an email from the housing office when we have allocated you a room. You can expect the email before 1 July (autumn term) and 15 December (spring term.). 
  2. Make sure that emails from housing@au.dk and housing@adm.au.dk don't end in your spam filter. Change the settings in your inbox so it allows emails from these two addresses.
  3. When you have received the email, you must confirm acceptance of the offered lease within 48 hours.
  4. You have to pay your first months’ rent and the booking fee (600 DKK) when you confirm your reservation. If your lease starts on the 1st, you have to pay a full months' rent, if your lease starts on the 15th, you have to pay a half months' rent. A credit card is required. If you don't accept the housing offer within two days, it will automatically be cancelled and your housing application cancelled. The deposit will be charged together with you rsecond months' rent payment.
  5. Please find a detailed guide on how to accept/decline a housing offer here.
  6. At all leases you will have to pay a deposit of one to three months' rent. The deposit will be charged together with your second month's rent. More information here.
  7. Moving in date: Your housing contract will start 1.8., 15.8. or 1.9. (fall term) or 1.1., 15.1. or 1.2. (spring term). You can move in on the day your contract starts, but it is not possible to move in before your contract starts. You don't have to move in on the day your contract starts, but you can move in any day you wish hereafter. If your contract starts on a Saturday or Sunday, you can move in on the following Monday.
  8. If you arrive before your housing contract starts, you will need to book a room in a hostel for the first nights.
  9. If you have accepted a room in a dorm or a shared-facilities house, you do not have to do anything further until you arrive in Aarhus. After arrival you can collect your key and contract at the International Centre.
  10. If you are offered a room to sublet, you must contact the landlord as soon as possible, sign the leasing contract and transfer the first month’s rent and deposit to the landlord’s bank account.  You must arrange how and when to collect the keys with the landlord. Read more about subletting here.

Cancellation policy

1.     Until 14 days after the date you accepted your housing offer, you can send an email to housing@au.dk to cancel your contract, and we will refund you the paid rent and booking fee.

2.     After the 14 days and until 6 weeks before your leasing contract starts, you can cancel your lease by sending an email to housing@au.dk  and we will refund you the paid rent but not the booking fee.

3.     Hereafter the normal notice of termination deadlines for your lease apply. You find the deadlines here. 

4.     If you - for any reason out of your control - want to cancel your housing reservation shortly before your housing contract starts or has already started, you must do so within the normal termination deadlines and pay your rent until you with due notice terminate your contract. This means that also in the case you have not been able to move into your accommodation, you are liable to pay your rent. We recommend that you regularly keep us updated on your situation, and we will advise you in the best way possible to minimize your costs.


  1. You can find information about practical matters, moving in procedures, what to bring etc. here.
  2. You can pick up your key at the International Centre from the day your contract starts UNLESS this date is a Saturday or Sunday. If you arrive before your contract starts, it is your own responsibility to find accommodation for the first nights. You can find some options here.
  3. If your contract starts after your arrival date, you need to book a room in a hostel/hotel and stay there until you can collect the key.
  4. If you are subletting a room, you have to agree with your landlord on how to receive the key. The key will not be available at the International Centre.
  5. After arrival, make sure that you sign your leasing contract and hand it in to the Housing Office (unless you have been allocated a room to sublet, in which case you need to send the signed leasing contract to the landlord before arrival.)

About housing offered via AU Housing

Students will be assigned accommodation in student dormitories, shared-facilities houses, or provided with the option to sublet a room from a private landlord. Further information on these housing arrangements can be found here. These accommodations are dispersed throughout the city, and while we cannot guarantee a specific location, most locations offer a maximum travel time of 30 minutes to campus.

Rooms will be furnished with essential items only, including a bed, table, chair, lamp, and basic kitchen utensils. AU has encouraged previous tenants to leave a duvet and pillow, so you may be lucky to find these items in your accommodation. However, this cannot be guaranteed. Additional furniture, equipment, or appliances will not be provided.

Each student will receive a maximum of one housing offer from AU Housing. If the offer does not meet your preferences, you may decline it and explore other housing options independently.

Please note that AU Housing does not issue new housing offers for students wishing to relocate during the semester. Therefore, it is important to carefully consider your housing needs before accepting an offer.