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Types of housing


AU Housing has rooms in many different student dorms and shared facility houses. Most rooms are single rooms (one person allowed), but you also find one-bedroom apartments which can be shared with your partner. 

Type Name   Number of persons allowed Dorm or shared house Description
1 Single room one dorm Room with shared bathroom & shared kitchen.
2 Single room one shared house Room in shared facility house with shared bathroom & shared kitchen.
3 Single room with private bathroom one dorm Room with private bathroom & shared kitchen.
4 Single room in apartment one dorm Room in apartment where two students share bathroom & kitchen.
5 Studio apartment  one dorm Small apartment with private kitchen & bathroom. 
6 One-bedroom apartment two dorm Apartment for a couple or single parent with child. One bedroom with a double bed and a small living room with kitchen, private bathroom. Dorm. Not suitable for sharing with a friend as there is only one bedroom with a double bed.

Are you a student and do you want to live together with a friend, who is also a student? Both of you can apply for a type 4 accommodation and both of you must write in your application, that you want to stay together.

Alternatively, you can apply for a single room in either a dorm or shared facility house and write in your application that you want to stay in the same dorm/shared facility house as your friend.

Read more about housing for couples here.

See pictures of all of our housing types in the video below

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