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Shared houses

Shared houses provide individual bedrooms along with access to shared common areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Sharing a room with another person is not permitted, as all rooms are designed for single occupancy. International students make up the housemates, granting you a unique opportunity to build friendships with individuals from all over the world.

It is important to understand that living in a shared house differs from sharing a flat with friends. The common areas are not included in your private lease, meaning there are limitations outlined in the house rules. Furthermore, the landlord and cleaning staff regularly visit the shared spaces without prior notice.

Each shared house possesses unique characteristics, such as size, location, and rental agreements. Specifics regarding leases, rent payments, and photos can be found on the individual house's page. Although some houses are situated close to campus, others are further away, with a maximum travel time to and from campus of approximately 30 minutes from all locations.

NO private bathroom 
You will not find rooms with private bathroom in shared houses. In general a room in a shared house is more expensive than a room in a dorm.

You will find a washing machine and dryer in all houses. The use is not included in your rent. Approx. charge: 20 DKK/wash/drying.

You will not find any options for catered accommodation. It means that you have to cook yourself and that you have to clean both your own room and take part in cleaning of common areas together with your fellow students.

All houses accommodate both males and females and bathrooms are shared.

Accommodation for one person 
Only one person is allowed in a single room.

Access to common areas
You have access to bathroom, kitchen, dining area, laundry room and garden/terrace. However, these areas are shared and the landlord, workmen et al have access to these areas and they are therefore not considered as a part of your private lease.

Accommodation for couples/families
Find information here.