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Subletting - What is it?

Most accommodation to sublet are rooms or apartments of Danish students who are currently abroad. We also offer rooms in houses and flats where you will share the facilities with the landlord/lady. Unfortunately, it is impossible to give detailed information on those accommodations as they are constantly changing. Both single rooms and apartments for two persons are available.

Accommodation for couples

Do you want to find accommodation for two persons (+ eventual children) subletting is a good option. When you fill in your housing application you have to add the name of the person you want to live with and it is a good idea to describe your expectations (maximum price, location etc.)


You can expect to find the same basic furniture as in our student residences with sometimes a few extras like i.e. a personal tv.

Terms and conditions

If you are assigned accommodation to sublet, you will receive an email from AU Housing informing you of your landlord's name, address and contact information. You are expected to contact your landlord immediately to arrange the practical matters. Your landlord will send you a leasing contract that you have to sign and return to the landlord as soon as possible. In the contract you will also find information about the bank account number where you will have to transfer the deposit and the first month rent as soon as possible after you have returned the leasing contract. In case you don't want the offered accommodation you need to contact housing@au.dk immediately.

Be aware that the lease is a matter between you and your landlord and AU Housing is only arranging the contact between you. It is important that you read your contract carefully, that you and your landlord together fill in the moving-in report when moving in and the moving-out report when moving out, and that you and your landlord agree about when to hand over the key.