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Virtual Care Package

For those of you who can't wait to join us, we have put together a virtual care package with some infotainment to get you started. 

Get to know Denmark

Your Crash Course In Danish Culture In this video series I'll be leveraging my observations and research to share with you insights into how to get the most of your interactions with the Danes and time in Denmark regardless the duration of your visit. Click on the video header to see more chapters.
Beer Culture Beer culture is a huge thing in Denmark. Every national holiday has a different beer. And more and more Danes have started brewing beers in their own.
Learn about the Vikings Watch and learn cool facts about the Vikings
Aarhus' Hidden Places In this video students at Aarhus University share their favorite hidden places and spots in Aarhus.

Learn Danish

Can You Pronounce These Tricky Danish Words? Danish is a tricky language to learn, mostly because it doesn't sound like it's written. We challenged 7 non-native speakers to pronounce a few Danish words and here's what happened!


The Great Danish Bake Off Hindbærsnitter – directly translated to raspberry slices or bars - are a Danish favorite to accompany a cup of coffee in the afternoon. It is a simple treat consisting of two layers of baked short crust dough parted by raspberry jam and decorated with white icing. It’s a simple cake to bake but it’s really tasty!
What is Danish 'hygge'? Wanna know what 'hygge' means? Take a tour of "hygge" in Copenhagen - We asked Swedish Anna to investigate what this 'hygge' is all about, see what she finds out!


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