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Are you an exchange student admitted to Aarhus University campus Herning, you can apply for housing via AU Housing.

Below you find information about the application process and other more general and practical information.

Aarhus University doesn't offer a housing guarantee for exchange students in Herning. Therefore we recommend that you also look for housing options at the private housing market and/or via housing organizations in Herning.

Housing via housing organisations


Lejehuset is a rental collaboration between three housing organisations with one common waiting list. You can therefore sign up with Boligselskabet Fruehøjgaard, Bomidtvest and Fællesbo at one place:

You can sign up at the waiting list online at www.lejehuset.dk. Here you can apply for a lot of different housing options in the Herning area. If you want to stay on campus, the housing organisation Fruehøjgaard has two housing options at campus. You can apply for them online, or use the application forms here:

Birk Centerpark (use the google translation option in the buttom, right corner)


Boligselskabet Fruehøjgaard

Aaparken 2
7400 Herning

Phone: 76 64 66 00
Mail: post@fruehojgaard.dk

Nygade 20
7400 Herning

Phone: 96 26 58 58
Mail: post@faellesbo.dk

Finsensvej 1A
7430 Ikast

Phone: 72 18 55 00
Mail: mail@bomidtvest.dk

Other housing organisations 

Boligselskabet Lejerbo 

Brygergade 3 B 
7400 Herning 
Tlf.: 70 12 13 10 

Find housing at the private market

Accommodation near campus

Private apartments

Student accommodation Herning City centre


Housing portals

Search 'Housing portals Denmark' and you will find a large number of housing portals from where you look for housing options.

Short term accommodation

Short term accommodation in Herning, read more here.