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Housing application - exchange Herning

Apply for housing as exchange student 

As a new exchange student to Aarhus University campus Herning, you can apply for housing through AU and/or you can look for housing options yourself.  

The housing application is an integrated part of the admission application process. When you fill in your admission application you will be asked whether you want to apply for housing through AU or not.

If you wish to apply for housing through AU, please find information about the application process below. 

Unfortunately, AU Housing doesn't offer a housing guarantee. Therefore, you should also look for other housing options.

Before you start the application process

  • Read the terms and conditions of housing.
  • Read about the housing options.
  • As a housing applicant, you will receive (maximum) one housing offer. If you don’t want the room you are offered,  you can just decline the housing offer.
  • A booking fee of 600 DKK will be charged IF you accept a housing offer from AU Housing. Declining a housing offer is free of charge.

Housing application process - exchange students Herning

  1. Go to the online application directions here.
  2. Choose which date you want your contract to start. You can choose between these dates: 1.8. and 1.9. (autumn term) and 1.1. and 1.2. (spring term.) Before you choose a date, check carefully when your mandatory introduction program begins. NOTE: If a room is not available from the requested date, we will try to find a room for you before or after the requested date.
  3. Inform about special needs or add any information you find important in the housing allocating process.
  4. Save the information 

Receiving a housing offer

  1. You will receive an email from the housing office when we have allocated you a room. You can expect the email before 1 July (autumn term) and 15 December (spring term.)
  2. Make sure that emails from housing@au.dk and housing@adm.au.dk don't end in your spam filter. Change the settings in your inbox so it allows emails from these two addresses.
  3. When you have received the email, you must confirm acceptance of the offered lease within 48 hours.
  4. You have to pay your first months’ rent and the booking fee (600 DKK) when you confirm your reservation. If your lease starts on the 1st, you have to pay a full months' rent, if your lease starts on the 15th, you have to pay a half months' rent. A credit card is required. If you don't accept the housing offer within two days, it will automatically be cancelled and your housing application cancelled.
  5. The deposit will be charged together with your second months' rent payment (typically after your arrival.)
  6. Please find a detailed guide on how to accept/decline a housing offer here.
  7. At all leases you will have to pay a deposit of one to three months' rent. The deposit will be charged together with your second month's rent. More information here.

Cancellation policy

1.     Until 14 days after the date you accepted your housing offer, you can send an email to housing@au.dk to cancel your contract, and we will refund you the paid rent and booking fee.

2.     After the 14 days and until 6 weeks before your leasing contract starts, you can cancel your lease by sending an email to housing@au.dk  and we will refund you the paid rent but not the booking fee.

3.     Hereafter the normal notice of termination deadlines for your lease apply. You find the deadlines here. 

4.     If you - for any reason out of your control - want to cancel your housing reservation shortly before your housing contract starts or has already started, you must do so within the normal termination deadlines and pay your rent until you with due notice terminate your contract. This means that also in the case you have not been able to move into your accommodation, you are liable to pay your rent. We recommend that you regularly keep us updated on your situation, and we will advise you in the best way possible to minimize your costs.


When does your lease start?

Your leasing contract starts on the day stated in your housing offer, and normally you can pick up your key from that date (or any day hereafter) at the Reception at AU Herning (AU HE). If it happens that your lease starts on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, you can't pick up your key until the first weekday hereafter. You need to arrange and pay for short term accommodation until then yourself.

Picking up your key

You can pick up your key and leasing contract at the Reception, BTECH, Birk Centerpark 15, 7400 Herning. Office hours Monday-Thursday from 8am to 2pm, Friday from 8am to 12.30noon. However, we always suggest that you contact Heidi Maibritt Trampedach Larsen - heidi@btech.au.dk to make an appointment for picking up your keys and leasing contract. If you arrive outside office hours you need to arrange short term accommodation yourself.

What to do when moving in?

You have to fill in the moving in checklist immediately after having moved in. As this might determine how much of your deposit you will get back, you are asked to complete the report on your first day. Complaints should immediately be addressed to Heidi Maibritt Trampedach Larsen - heidi@btech.au.dk  including if you notice any problems with the furniture or you have complaints regarding the cleaning of your room. Read more about moving in and out here.


AU Housing strongly recommends that you take out home contents insurance that will cover your loss in case of burglary, fire etc. AU does not cover any losses.