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Prepare your arrival

On these pages you can find all relevant information to prepare your stay in Denmark and at Aarhus University.
We look forward to welcoming you on campus.

Corona updates for future international students at AU

Aarhus University: The university has started to gradually reopen. Many of the university’s researchers and technical/administrative employees have returned to work in the university’s buildings as of 27 May and we expect to be fully open for students and staff at the beginning of August.

The Danish borders: On 29th May the Danish government announced that Denmark will carry out a "careful and gradual reopening" of the Danish borders towards Germany, Norway and Iceland from 15th June 2020 onwards. It means that tourists from these countries will be able to enter Denmark with some restrictions. The government announced that they expect to gradually open up the borders to other Schengen countries and Great Britain at some point after the summer holidays.