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This page provides important information about your lease and stay in Denmark. 

If you do not find answers to your questions in the folder, please contact housing@au.dk

Moving in

Key pick-up

Key pick-up is possible from 1 pm on the first working day of your leasing period. For example, if your contract starts Saturday 15 July, you can pick up your key from 1 pm on Monday 17 July. However, if your lease starts Tuesday 1 August you can pick up your key from 1 pm on Tuesday 1 August. You will receive a pre-arrival email including the exact date. 

You can pick up your key at the reception at the International Centre during our opening hours. The address is Dale T. Mortensen Building, Høegh-Guldbergs Gade 4A, 8000 Aarhus C.

Moving-in check

Upon moving in, please inspect your accommodation thoroughly. You have to fill out the "Moving in check list" no later than 3 days after moving in date. The "Moving in check list" is online and can be found here

Cost of repairing damages etc. not stated in the "Moving in check list", or conducted during your stay, will be deducted from your deposit upon moving out.

We recommend that you talk to the caretaker about Dormitory rules and procedures regarding using the laundry and other common facilities, cleaning, garbage treatment and other practical information as soon as possible after you moved in. It will make your stay easier and can save you a lot of money. Find the caretaker's contact information under tap 'caretaker/janitor'.

Note, that if you put holes in to the walls you will be deducted a minimum of 300 DKK from your deposit. For further specific questions please contact the caretaker.

You can find more information about the Dormitory here. 

Remember to put your name on your mail box.


Have you checked your insurances? Who will pay if your PC is stolen? Who will pay if you lose your key? Who will pay if you accidentally damage anything in your apartment? Find more information under the 'Insurance' tab below.


Getting your contract 

You will receive your contract when you pick up your key. The contract is in Danish. You will receive 2 copies of the contract. One copy is for yourself. The other one you must sign and return to AU Housing within 7 days after arrival. 

Before buying your plane ticket home please see the latest moving out dates here

Contract in English

Download an English translation of your contract. This copy is for translation purposes only.    

Latest date for moving out

Check the latest moving out dates here.

Read about the maintenance period here.

How to change the end date of your contract

To shorten your contract:

     - Submit the ‘Notice of termination’ form before deadline.

     - Check notice deadlines and be aware of the latest moving out date. 

To extend your contract:

     - Contact housing@au.dk minimum two months before your contract ends.

     - Note that extensions are granted in exceptional cases only. 

Rent and deposit

Rent payment

You must pay your first month's rent when you accept your housing offer (before arrival). If your lease starts on the 15th, you will only be charged a half month’s rent for your first month.

At the end of each month you will receive an e-mail with information about the next month's rent payment. The rent can only be paid by credit card via our online self-service system. 

Booking fee

When accepting a housing offer from AU Housing, you accept to pay a non-refundable booking fee of 600 DKK.   

Deposit payment and reimbursement

See more information about deposit here.

If you have any questions regarding your rent payment, kindly send an email to housing@au.dk or click here for more information.  

Please note: The processing time for reimbursement of the deposit is from 6 weeks up to 3 months.

Moving out procedures

Moving out date

You need to vacate your room at 9am at the latest 7 working days before your lease ends.

Moving out inspection

  • Arrange a moving out inspection - if you live in a one room apartment
    • Please contact your caretaker at the latest 3 days before you move out and arrange a time for the inspection.
  • Arrange a moving out inspection - if you live in a two room apartment
    • If both tenants move out on the same day: please contact your caretaker at the latest 3 days before you move out to arrange an inspection. You are jointly responsible for the cleaning of the common areas and will share eventual costs for cleaning of the common areas.
    • If one tenant moves out before the other: The first tenant to move out must contact housing@au.dk at the latest 14 days before you move out to arrange an inspection. You are responsible for the cleanliness of both your room and the common areas on the day of your inspection. Eventual cost for cleaning will be deducted from your deposit. The tenant who leaves last must contact the caretaker at the latest 3 days before you move out to arrange an inspection. You are fully responsible for the cleaning of both your room and the common areas on the day of your inspection. Eventual cost for cleaning will be deducted from your deposit.


  • If you participate in the inspection: Return your keys and folder to the inspector at the inspection
  • If you do not participate in the inspection: leave your keys in the mailbox at the caretaker's office clearly marked with your name and address. Leave the white folder in your room.
  • You will not have access to your room after the inspection.

What to do before your moving out inspection

  • Clean your room and the common areas thoroughly according to the guidelines.
  • Throw out or take with you all personal belongings, including duvet, pillow, your own furniture, food items (also spices, flour, oil etc.), electrical devices, and home decorations. Also, throw out the white bed cover (the 'rullemadras') that you received with your key. 
  • See the dorm's moving out guidelines (from page 9).

Deregister address and CPR

  • Deregister your address and CPR by either sending an email to folkeregister@aarhus.dk or calling the Citizen Service at +45 8940 1030
  • State your name, CPR number, present address, your moving day and your new address
  • Be aware that there is a fee of 570 DKK if you don’t deregister your address

Notify your Danish bank about your departure

Remove your name tag from the mailbox


Garbage fee

Before the inspection the accommodation must be vacated, cleaned, emptied for all personal belongings, including duvet, pillow, your own furniture, food items (also spices, flour, oil etc.), electrical devices, and home decorations. If you leave anything behind (also just very small things), you will be charged a minimum fee of 500 DKK (500 DKK for the first hour, hereafter 350 DKK/hour for handling of larger items like sofas, tables etc.) 

Moving within Denmark

If you move to another residence in Denmark, you must report your new address within 5 days to the citizen service (otherwise you will receive a penalty).


Caretaker Per Jensen is responsible for the daily contact to the residents and you will find his office in the basement underneath the L-building.

Per Jensen can be reached by cell phone no. +45 21 24 75 48 

Please don’t send a text message as this is not redirected in the case of holidays, seminars, lieu days and illness.

If you have a problem in your room please send an email to pej@kollegiekontoret.dk instead of calling. Remember to state your name, address and cell phone number. Subsequently, the caretaker will pay you a visit to fix what you have described in your email.

Map - where is what


It is your responsibility to insure yourself and your belongings while you are staying in Denmark as Aarhus University does not cover any losses that may occur. We highly recommend that you take out the following insurance policies either before or immediately after arriving in Denmark.

  • Third-party insurance/liability insurance (ansvarsforsikring): This insurance is a must! The insurance covers any losses you might have if you have to pay compensation to another person.
  • Accident insurance (ulykkesforsikring): This insurance covers the financial consequences of an accident.
  • Home insurance (indboforsikring): This type of insurance covers you and your personal belongings in cases of loss, damage, re-housing due to water or fire damage, as well as the costs associated with changing the locks if you lose your key. Be aware that housing provided via AU Housing doesn't include insurances and you must take out the necessary insurances yourself.  Be aware that yours or your family's home-insurance in your home country doesn't cover your eventual loss in Denmark.

If you decide to buy insurance in Denmark, the University recommends that you contact different insurance companies to find the one that best suits your needs. The large insurance companies such as TRYG, Alm. Brand Forsikring and Top Danmark have homepages in English.

When buying an insurance, the insurance company requests your Danish CPR number. If you have registered for CPR, but have not received it yet, simply tell the company that you are waiting for it, and you should still be able to buy an insurance.


You already have internet access from Bolignet-Aarhus in your wall socket. You just need to connect your computer to the socket in the wall using a network cable (LAN) and type mit.bnaa.dk in your browser. An order page will appear, where you can register as a customer. Shortly after you have registered, you will be online.

NB: Please notice that you must bring or buy a network cable (LAN) to connect to the internet. You must also bring or buy a router if you want to access the internet wirelessly (WiFi). 

If you have questions or need help, please contact Bolignet-Aarhus customer service at +45 82 50 50 50. The phones are open Monday to Friday from 10 to 19 and Saturday from 12-15. 

You are also welcome to contact them at support@bnaa.dk.

Laundry and cleaning


The laundry room is located in 12 L. Just go down the steps to the cellar and turn right. (Door to the left leads to the storage room.) You open the door by holding the black plastic thing on your key at the grey panel. Then it’s the 1st door on the right.

The instructions for the machines on site are only in Danish. Therefore, we provide an English description on how to operate the machines here:

Download instruction on how to use the washing machine and the dryer


We ask you to keep your bedroom and common areas clean and tidy at all times. Each tenant in turn has to clean the common area. You will find a weekly rota to when it is your turn to carry out the cleaning on your floor at the dormitory. Failure to carry out the cleaning will result in a fee deducted from your deposit. If you have any question about the weekly cleaning, please take contact to your caretaker. See tap 'caretaker/janitor'. 

Please click here to see cleaning guidelines and learn more about Danish cleaning products.

Video about how to clean:

The kitchen

The bathroom

Furniture and kitchen equipment

The furniture in your apartment is provided by AU Housing. The basic furniture in the room is:

  • Bed with top mattress
  • Bed table or similar
  • Ceiling lamp
  • Desk lamp
  • Desk
  • Chair
  • Closet  or clothes rack    
  • Shelving unit
  • Window blinds or curtains

Duvet, pillow, towels and bed linen are not provided. You must bring it with you or buy upon arrival. You must use bed linen. 

Click here to see a guide on how to use bed linen

Video on how to put on bed linen

Video on how to open and close venetian blinds. The video is not made by AU Housing.  

The kitchen is equipped with:

  • Ceiling lamp
  • Table with chairs
  • 4 plates
  • 4 soup plates
  • 4 glasses
  • 4 cups
  • Set of cutlery (24 parts)
  • 2 cutting boards
  • 3 trivets
  • 2 pans
  • 2-3 pots
  • Set of 3-4 knives
  • Set of kitchen utensils (palette knife, spoon, kitchen pliers) 

If some of the basic furniture is missing or broken when you move in, please contacts AU Housing at housing@au.dk.  

The furniture and kitchen equipment is expected to be left in the same condition and number as when you took over the tenancy, except for normal wear and tear. The cost of missing or broken furniture will be deducted from your deposit.

Common room, TV room

The common and TV room are located in building H in the cellar again.

You can use it whenever you like. You also find a microwave here. TV room cannot be booked, so if you want to hang there with some friends just write it in the Facebook group (Damager Kollegiets Forum), but be aware that others could swing around, too.

You can book the common room at Saturdays, and it costs 500 DKK.

Every Friday we have a Friday bar at our common room, starting usually at 8pm.     

Waste sorting

In the City of Aarhus, you have to sort your waste into four types. The more we sort our waste, the better we can reuse it. Glass, plastic and metal, as well as paper and small cardboard items can all be recycled and go into new products. In that way, there will be less need to extract new raw materials, which is good for the environment and helps tackle the climate change.

You should sort your waste in the following types:

Glass, plastic and metal - emptied, rinsed and without lids

-          Glass bottles

-          Jam jars

-          Glass jars

-          Plastic bottles

-          Plastic tubs

-          Plastic trays

-          Plastic canisters

-          Food and drink cans

-          Metal lids

-          Foil trays

Paper and small cardboard items – clean and dry –  no plastic bags

-          Newspapers, magazines

-          Books

-          Flyers

-          Catalogues

-          Cardboard trays

-          Egg cartons

-          Cardboard tubes

-          Cardboard boxes

-          Cardboard scraps

General waste - tie a knot on the bag

-          Milk cartons

-          Cling film

-          Juice cartons

-          Crips bags

-          Coffee bags

-          Butter tubs

-          Tubes

-          Food waste

-          Sanitary waste

-          Pizza boxes

-          Plastic bags

Remember that milk cartons and pizza boxes need to be thrown out with the general waste – not in the paper section. And that soft plastic, like plastic bags, also go into general waste and not the plastic/glass/metal section as it gets entangled in the sorting machine and ruins it.

If you would like more information click here.   

How to get around

By bus in Aarhus

Buses in Aarhus

By bicycle

Aarhus is a great city for biking. Almost all students use bicycles for transportation. You can buy a new one or second hand bicycle or rent a bycycle. 

Need a bike?    

You can park your bike in the shed belonging to your building.

Dormitory offers to use an automatic air pump which you find at the bulky waste shed in front of building. It’s located in that mail-box-looking box which you can open with your key.

Transportation in Denmark


Get to know your city


There are 3 supermarkets (Fakta, Netto, Føtex) in the very near of the dorm and one ca. 1km away (Rema 1000). The cheapest is Fakta, followed by Netto. Føtex is one of the most expensive supermarkets in Aarhus but it also has a wide range of products. A good option is Rema 1000 it’s very cheap and also has a good range of products.

Download the app “eTilbudsavis” and you get the catalogues of these supermarkets on your phone and you know when to buy what where.

At Føtex you can buy the 10-ride bus ticket (Klippekort) at their service desk.

Studenterhus Aarhus




Graham Bells Vej 9-11

8200 Aarhus N

Mon-Sun: 10.00-21.00



Click for more information


Aarhus turist information



State Library - Universitetsparken

+ 45 89 46 20 22

Mon-Fri: 09.00-18.00

Sat: 11.00-14.00


Main library in Aarhus

Hack Kampmanns Plads 2

8000 Aarhus C

+ 45 89 40 92 00

In case om emergency

Lost your key? Electric problems? Plumbing/sewer/drain problems? Broken window? Heating problems? Other emergency?

Within normal working hours, please call the caretaker, Per Jensen on +45 21 24 75 48.

Outside normal working hours  - find information here (NOTE: The cost must be paid by yourself if the matter is not urgent).

Terms and Conditions

Booking fee

1. I accept to pay a booking fee of 600 DKK when I accept a housing offer from AU Housing.  

Rent, deposit and cancellation policy

1. I accept to pay the first months’ rent and eventual service agreement fee by credit card via online system when I accept my housing offer.

2. I accept that I will pay a deposit of one to three months’ rent. More information here.

3. I accept that I will pay my rent every month on or before the last weekday before the turn of the month by credit card only via online system. In case I don’t pay the rent on time, I accept that a fee will apply and that I will pay any costs in connection with the termination of my lease (legal fee, court costs etc.). More information here.

4. I accept that I will pay the eventual service agreement expenses (covering costs such as utilities, internet and furniture) every month along with my rent.

5. I accept the following cancellation policy:

  • I can cancel my lease without any costs up to 14 days after I have accepted my housing offer and paid the first months’ rent.
  • I can, at any time, terminate my lease within my notice period. Find out which termination notice applies to your lease under the "Latest date of moving out"-tap. 

6. The only way to cancel my lease is to send the notice of termination through the form found here.

7. I accept that I will pay my rent during the cancellation period.

8. I accept that AU is not responsible for my eventual delay due to visa, health or any other problems and that I will pay my rent until I cancel my lease even though I haven’t collected my key.

Moving in and out

1. I accept that I can move into my room on the first working day after my lease starts. If my lease starts on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, I can’t move in until the following Monday.

2. I accept that different moving out dates applies to different accommodations depending on my leasing contract. The moving out dates is:

  • The last working day of the month that the lease ends OR
  • 8 working days before the lease ends (only at Universitetsparken kollegium 1) OR
  • up to 2 weeks before the end of the lease (renovation period) 

3. I agree that I have read and understood the information about which of the above mentioned moving out dates applies to my lease. Please, find the moving out dates here.

4. I accept to pay rent in the renovation period.

5. I agree that I will leave my lease in the same condition as found apart from normal wear and tear.

6. I agree to pay for neglect of my home, damaged and missing inventory, and insufficient cleaning of my room and adjoining common areas.

7. I agree that I will return the same number of keys and laundry card to the caretaker or to the IC as described in my residence folder. In case I don’t deliver my keys, I will pay for the change of the lock.


1. I am obliged to observe the house rules.

2. I am obliged to pay attention to neighbours and take part in weekly cleaning of common areas (if any) and half-yearly general cleaning of common areas.

3. I am fully responsible for the room/apartment that I rent. I will pay repair costs for damages caused by me or any person visiting me.

4. I am aware that AU doesn’t provide any insurance and it is my own responsibility to acquire a suitable insurance to cover any loss of my belongings.

5. I accept that my lease is a single occupancy (unless otherwise is explicitly informed about in my housing offer) and that it is only permissible for the contract holder to live there.

6. I accept that I am not allowed to sublet my lease.

7.I accept that smoking is not allowed neither in my room/apartment, nor at any common areas.

8. I accept that I am not allowed to paint, alter or make any permanent alterations in my room/apartment.