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Paying the rent

Paying your rent

Your housing reservation will not be finally confirmed before we have received your payment for the first month’s rent. This payment must be made no later than two days after receipt of your housing offer and should be paid via the link provided in the housing offer. You will need a credit or debit card, read more below.

If your contract starts on the 15th of a month, you will be charged a half month's rent only.

You should also be aware that it is only possible to pay your rent for one month at a time. This means you can't pay for multiple months in one payment. 

If you have questions about rent payment, please, send email to AU Housing, Accounting: housingaccounts@au.dk 

Future rent payments

All rent payments must be paid in advance. For instance, rent payment for the month of November must be paid by the 1st of November.

Every month you will receive an e-mail from the AU Housing, which includes a link to our online payment system, mit.au.dk, through which you must pay your rent by payment card only. You will receive this e-mail about one week before the payment is due.

If you do not pay your rent on time, a fee of 250 DKK will be applied for each reminder you receive. The fee will be added to your invoice for the next month’s rent.

You need a payment card

We accept rent payment for accommodation via our online payment system by payment card (credit or debit card) only. If you do not have a payment card, you will need to borrow one or apply for one. We do not accept any cash payments.

Please note that all future monthly rent payments should be processed via the online payment system with a payment card.

You can make payments with the following types of cards:

Aarhus University online payment system requires a "Verified by Visa" certification. Verified by Visa is a way to add safety when you pay online. With added security to your existing Visa card, Verified by Visa ensures that only you can use your Visa card online. 

Contact your bank or payment card issuer to clarify if your payment card can be used for international online payments using "Verified by Visa". 

Error messages when you make online payment

You can experience the following error messages when you make an online payment:

“Error at acquirer (Refused by acquirer). Payment declined. Try again or choose another payment type”

This error message means that your bank refuses to make a transaction. The reason might be that: 

  • you have limitations connected to your payment card. It could be a limit on how much you can pay per time per day. If you have already  used your card for payment today, you might have exceeded the limit.
  • the address you have entered does not match the billing address on your payment card account (the verification system uses your billing address to verify your information)
  • your payment card is for domestic use only and does not allow international transactions.

You need to contact your bank or payment card issuer to clarify the problem with your payment. 

"Payment declined. Orderid must be unique. Try again or choose another payment type."

If you see this message on your screen when you make an online payment, take a screen shot and send an email to housing@au.dk and describe the problem. We will investigate the cause for the error and get back to you. 

"System error ...... No trusted certificate found"

The reason for this message is that your browser is not upgraded to the latest version. Upgrade your browser and try again. 

You can also experience that when you are entering the payment card information into the payment section on your housing site that the page simply returns to the same page with the payment information cleared. The reason for this is the browser as well. 

Refer to the browser's Help for upgrade and installation assistance.