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Getting around

Many Danes choose a bike as their favoured means of transport. Photo: Jesper Rais, AU Photo

Arriving in a new country and enrolling at a new university can be an exciting yet busy and overwhelming time. On our arrival pages for Students coming to AU and Researchers coming to AU, you will find guidance on collecting the right documentation, making travel arrangements, and taking the necessary steps to start your Danish adventure on the right foot. You can also use our Journey Planner – a useful tool for travelling within Denmark.

The second most cycle-mad country in Europe

In Denmark, 50% of the population are active cyclists and around 80% own a bike. In other words, if you are joining us in Aarhus anytime soon, remember to dust off your cycling skills! If you ask the citizens of Aarhus, most of them will agree that cycling is the fastest, easiest and most environmentally friendly way to travel around the city. It is possible to rent a bicycle for shorter stays in Aarhus (check out Swapfiets.dk). You can also find an orange Donkey Republic bike near you and unlock with your phone/app and pay per/hour. There are 450 free city bikes 24 hours a day. These bikes are located around the city in more than 100 specially allocated bicycle stands.


If you bring your own car to Aarhus, you will be able to find parking both in the city centre and near the campus. Parking on campus is possible only for employees but as a student you can find public parking places near university. There is a charge for street parking in the city centre – once you find a space, you will need to locate the nearest parking meter and buy a parking ticket. Please note that parking fines are expensive in Denmark. You can find more information about street parking in Aarhus here. There is also a possibility to rent a car in Aarhus. You can find more information about renting possibilities here or you can check gomore.dk where you can rent a car from private persons. 

Journey planner

The website Rejseplanen.dk  is an excellent tool (similar to Google Maps) for planning your journey in Aarhus or within Denmark. 


In Denmark, taxis are relatively expensive compared with other countries. However, they are safe, reliable, and comfortable. Call Aarhus Taxa: +45 89 48 48 48 (or download their app) or DanTaxi: +45 48 48 48 48.

Local public transport

Getting around Aarhus is easy. You can travel with yellow or blue buses or with Denmark's first light rail - Letbanen. The yellow city buses can take you all over Aarhus from 05:00 to 00:00. There are also night buses on Fridays and Saturdays for doubled price. One-way tickets can be bought from a ticket machine on the bus (cash only) for DKK 22 or via the Midttrafik app. The only way to a buy a multiride ticket is through the Midttrafik app, where a 10-ride ticket costs DKK 195 or you can purchase a one-day-ticket for DKK 49. If you plan on taking the bus a lot in Aarhus, this could save you money. Please note, you have to purchase a ticket before entering Letbanen as you can't buy tickets in the light train. If you need to travel outside Aarhus, blue buses operate throughout Jutland and you have to show a valid ticket to a bus driver when entering a bus.


DSB is the Danish railway network that connects all regions of the country. DSB offers discounted tickets on selected fares, called DSB Orange, which are considerably cheaper than the normal tickets. You can buy electronic tickets or paper tickets, which you can either print at home or collect at the station. For information on ticket prices and timetables, contact the DSB Customer Centre at +45 7013 1415 or book your tickets online or through DSB app. It is important that you purchase your ticket before boarding the train. Otherwise, you risk being fined up to DKK 750.

What is Rejsekort?

Rejsekort (Travel Card) is an electronic ticketing system for travelling by bus, train, and metro. Rejsekort unites the different transport operators, travel zones, ticketing systems, and discount schemes into a common system, which makes it easier for passengers to use public transport services in Denmark. Watch a video about how to use Rejsekort.