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Finding accommodation on the private market

The resources below are starting points for you to search for accommodation on the private market in Aarhus. It is not easy to find a room in Aarhus, and therefore you need to start your house hunting at least two months before your arrival. Consider not being too picky about the location of the room - also many Danish students live outside the city centre due to the shortage in housing. 

Tips to start your housing search

1. Start searching immediately!

It can be difficult to find accommodation in Aarhus, especially around semester start and even more so if you do not speak Danish. Therefore it’s very important that you begin your housing search as soon as possible. We advise against travelling to Aarhus without having reserved a room beforehand as there is a serious risk that you will end up without a place to stay.

2. Look outside the city center

We recommend that you will be flexible and open minded about housing possibilities – living outside the city center, living with multiple people etc...

Aarhus is a small city and you can travel from one end to the other within 30 minutes. At this map you see the bus lines outside the city center. As you can see, there is a large number of smaller communities outside the city center. With the help of www.rejseplanen.dk you can find information about public transport. From most places you can reach campus within 30 minutes by bus or train.

Yes, we know you never dreamt of living in Skødstrup, Lystrup or Tilst. But yes, thousands of people live a happy life there - including other students, and we strongly recommend that you consider this option. Rooms are MUCH easier to find and cheaper too. In all the smaller towns outside Aarhus you find shops, sport facilities - and night busses, so you will still be able to have a normal social life.

3. Share a flat

Please be aware that the demand for single rooms is very high and it can sometimes be easier to find an apartment to rent and share with some of your fellow students (please see the list of different Facebook groups below – perhaps you can find your fellow students and find accommodation together).

4. Use Google Translate

Below you can find useful links to some of the more popular sources for finding long-term accommodation via the private market. As the majority of the advertisements on the following sites will be in Danish, then Google Translate can be your best friend. You can copy/paste individual words/sentences in the Google Translate search box or copy/paste an entire URL, which translates the entire website.

5. Avoid housing scams

Last, but not least: take care of scams. As can happen everywhere, from time to time students are cheated by fictitious landlords. Be aware of offers that seem ‘too good to be true’, and if at all possible you should ask a local friend to check the lease before transferring rent and deposit. Read more about how to avoid housing scams.

Find housing at the private market

We inform on this page about different options to find a private landlord, but Aarhus University assumes no liability in connection with lease agreements signed with private landlords found at this page. 


  • Denmark's largest and most popular portal for finding accommodation for let/sublet. You might have to contact many landlords before you are successful because the landlords get a lot of requests on their announcements. We stress that the service of Boligportalen by far can promise you housing. Check it daily, if possible, and contact the landlords as soon as possible as most housing offers are made on a first-to-come basis.
  • The site is available in English as well.
  • It is free to see all the listings, however to get access to the contact information of landlords a fee of approximately 275 DKK for a 4 weeks membership or a fee of 395 DKK for a 2 months membership must be paid. Occasionally, you can get 4 days for free.


  • 222 new apartments in Gellerup. Not too expensive and can be shared.


  • Housing portal with 2-3000 available housing offers.

Vores Lejebolig

  • Accommodation for rent


  • Cooperative dwellings


  • Accommodation for rent

Vores studiebolig

  • student housing


  • find housing in your area    


  • Also a popular housing portal. You can surf for free, and do you wish to contact a landlord it costs 29 DKK/14 days.


  • Housing portal. You can surf for free and use the BoligAgent, but to contact the landlords you have to pay either 29 DKK for the first five days or 299 DKK for a month. 

Den Blå Avis (DBA)

  • DBA is most typically used for advertising used - sometimes new - products by private persons, or in some cases by companies as well
  • As it is free of charge, it is also a good place to find listings for rooms or apartments


  • Findroommate is a useful portal for those searching specifically for shared accommodation
  • They have different membership plans for 7, 14 and 30 days, where 30 days costs approximately 199 DKK


  • Users can search through ads from private landlords as well as commercial ones – all in one place
  • Site can be used free of charge
  • Offered in both Danish and English


  • Offers ads for both dorms/student rooms, apartments and houses

 Housing Anywhere

  • Provides a housing platform where students that go abroad for an exchange semester or internship can sublet their rooms. Incoming exchange students can rent those rooms.


Provides the opportunity to get in touch with locals in Aarhus who have extra sleeping facilities. Getting accommodation on CouchSurfing is mostly for free, which is why you can’t expect longer-term accommodation using CouchSurfing, but you can use it as a startup housing solution. As the site is built entirely on trust you should follow these recommendations:

  • Make a complete profile with enough pictures and text so people can see and know who you are.
  • Get references from your current friends to build up trustworthiness.
  • Link to your Facebook-profile when writing requests to locals in Aarhus.

Find Housing Denmark

  • Information about renting and buying housing in Denmark.

Facebook Group: Lejligheder til salg og leje i Århus

  • The above Facebook Group (Translation: Apartments for sale and rent in Aarhus) is very active both amongst housing seekers but also those looking to let or sublet their accommodation. Despite the name of the group, most advertisements come from people/students looking to let or sublet their room or apartment.

Facebook Group: Housing in Aarhus

  • We suggest that you also join the Facebook group “Housing in Aarhus” which has been set up by an exchange student for the purpose of getting in contact with other exchange students and helping each other out.

Facebook groups and pages that might be relevant:

New pages and groups keep turning up so keep your eyes open! Perhaps some of your fellow students have made a group!

More options

We hope this information is useful and we hope you are successful in finding housing in Aarhus. If you have any questions please feel free to contact housing@au.dk

Having problems?

At https://www.lejeloven.dk/ (in Danish) you find answers to many of the questions regarding the Danish rental law, that you might have.

Housing for a few days or weeks

Short term housing options in Aarhus

Avoid housing scams

As can happen everywhere, from time to time accommodation seekers are cheated by fictitious landlords. Be aware of offers that seem ‘too good to be true’, and if at all possible you should ask a local friend to check the lease before transferring rent and deposit. Read more about how to avoid housing scams.

Rent, deposit and contracts

Read more about rent, deposit and contracts here.