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Housing for EU full-degree Herning

EU full-degree students

  • Housing options in Herning

In this portal you find information about housing options for international full-degree students from EU countries and the nordic countries enrolled at Aarhus University's Herning campus. You will find information about:

  • How to apply for housing via the housing organizations in Herning
  • How to find housing at the private housing market.

Housing through housing organisations in Herning


Lejehuset is a rental collaboration between three housing organisations with one common waiting list. You can therefore sign up with Boligselskabet Fruehøjgaard, Bomidtvest and Fællesbo at one place:
www.lejehuset.dk/  Here you can apply for a lot of different housing options in the Herning area. The application system is in Danish and you need to use the google-translation option (find it in the upper right corner.)

If you want to live at campus, you should apply for this option: Birk Centerpark

Boligselskabet Fruehøjgaard
Aaparken 2
7400 Herning
Phone: 76 64 66 00
Mail: post@fruehojgaard.dk

Nygade 20
7400 Herning
Phone: 96 26 58 58
Mail: post@faellesbo.dk

Finsensvej 1A
7430 Ikast
Phone: 72 18 55 00
Mail: mail@bomidtvest.dk

Other housing organisations 

Boligselskabet Lejerbo 

Brygergade 3 B 
7400 Herning 
Tlf.: 70 12 13 10 

Find housing at the private market

Accommodation near campus

Private apartments

Student accommodation Herning City centre

Housing portals

Search 'Housing portals Denmark' and you will find a large number of housing portals from where you look for housing options

Short term accommodation

  • Short term accommodation in Herning, read more here.