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Private market/Aarhus/students (long term)

Here are some starting points for your search for private accommodation in Aarhus. Finding a room in Aarhus is relatively easy, but if you are concerned about the cost, it is recommended to begin your search at least two months before your arrival. It is also advisable not to be too particular about the room's location and you should also consider the areas outside the city center. Aarhus has efficient public transportation, including buses and trams, which make commuting easy. 

As can happen everywhere, from time to time accommodation seekers are cheated by fictitious landlords. Be aware of offers that seem ‘too good to be true’, and if at all possible you should ask a local friend to check the lease before transferring rent and deposit. Read more about how to avoid housing scams.

Tips to start your housing search

1. Start searching immediately!

It can be difficult to find accommodation in Aarhus, especially around semester start and even more so if you do not speak Danish. Therefore it’s very important that you begin your housing search as soon as possible. We advise against travelling to Aarhus without having reserved a room beforehand as there is a serious risk that you will end up without a place to stay.

2. Look outside the city center

We recommend that you will be flexible and open minded about housing possibilities – living outside the city center, living with multiple people etc...

Aarhus is a small city and you can travel from one end to the other within 30 minutes. At this map you see the bus lines outside the city center. As you can see, there is a large number of smaller communities outside the city center. With the help of www.rejseplanen.dk you can find information about public transport. From most places you can reach campus within 30 minutes by bus or train.

Yes, we know you never dreamt of living in Skødstrup, Lystrup or Tilst. But yes, thousands of people live a happy life there - including other students, and we strongly recommend that you consider this option. Rooms are MUCH easier to find and cheaper too. In all the smaller towns outside Aarhus you find shops, sport facilities - and night busses, so you will still be able to have a normal social life.

3. Share a flat

Please be aware that the demand for single rooms is very high and it can sometimes be easier to find an apartment to rent and share with some of your fellow students (please see the list of different Facebook groups below – perhaps you can find your fellow students and find accommodation together).

4. Use Google Translate

Below you can find useful links to some of the more popular sources for finding long-term accommodation via the private market. As the majority of the advertisements on the following sites will be in Danish, then Google Translate can be your best friend. You can copy/paste individual words/sentences in the Google Translate search box or copy/paste an entire URL, which translates the entire website.

5. Avoid housing scams

Last, but not least: take care of scams. As can happen everywhere, from time to time students are cheated by fictitious landlords. Be aware of offers that seem ‘too good to be true’, and if at all possible you should ask a local friend to check the lease before transferring rent and deposit. Read more about how to avoid housing scams.

Find housing at the private market

Housing portals (in Danish 'boligportal')

  • There are many different housing portals in Denmark where you (for a fee) can search for all sorts of accommodation. Just google 'boligportal' and you will find a great variety.

Facebook groups

  • We suggest that you join some of the Facebook groups like Housing in Aarhus and the like.

Having problems?

  • At https://www.lejeloven.dk/ (in Danish) you find answers to many of the questions regarding the Danish rental law, that you might have.

Be aware of scams

Furniture, equipment and transportation

Private rental options, furnished

Basecamp Aarhus

Ideally located at Helsingforsgade 4 only a short walk from Aarhus University, the student apartments in Basecamp are a great place to call home while you study. All rooms are fully furnished and rent includes access to all facilities on site incl. gym, cinema, study spaces, 24/7 service team, fast WiFi and a great international student community with many monthly events of all sorts. Basecamp is your place for comfortable accommodation as well as a hub for social interaction and personal growth.

Basecamp Aarhus offers all students at Aarhus University to book with no admin fee, just book online with the code AUBASE or write to us at aarhus@basecampstudent.com and refer to the code. We look forward to welcoming you.

Unity Aarhus

Discover UNITY Aarhus, located at Gøteborg Allé 6 and designed to enhance your Aarhus University experience. Our fully furnished student accommodations offer more than just a place to stay - enjoy free access to our fitness, roof terraces, a cozy cinema, and collaborative co-working spaces with plenty of room to study with your friends.

 To ensure that UNITY Aarhus is not just a place to live but a vibrant community where individuals can connect, we have a dedicated community manager called Julia. Julia is responsible for creating and maintaining a dynamic and welcoming community for the residents.

Do you want to be a part of a community that goes beyond accommodation? Then feel free to contact us at aarhus.projektsalg@danbolig.dk

Housing for a few days or weeks

Short term housing options in Aarhus

Rent, deposit and contracts

Read more about rent, deposit and contracts here.