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This page provides important information about your lease and stay in Denmark. 

If you do not find answers to your questions in the folder, please contact housing@au.dk

Moving in

- Upon moving in, please make sure to inspect the room and common areas thoroughly. Immediately upon moving in, you have to fill out the "Moving in check list" regarding insufficient cleaning, damages etc. in both your own room and the common areas.  You have to fill out the "Moving in check list" no later than 3 days after moving in date. The "Moving in check list" is online and can be found here.  

- Cost of repairing damages etc. not stated in the "Moving in check list", or conducted during your stay, will be deducted from your deposit upon moving out.

- Please note that in Denmark you will not receive mail until you have put your name on the mail box: Therefore we kindly ask you to do so as soon as possible after your arrival.

- If you find mail at your accommodation addressed to a former tenant, please make sure that his/her name has been removed from the mailbox. This should solve the problem. Please write on the envelope “Adressaten ubekendt” (meaning unknown recipient), and put it one in of the public red mailboxes or deliver it to a post office.

- If you do not want to receive advertising matters and/or free newspapers you will have to sign a cancellation form and get a sticker to put on your door/ mailbox at the post office. Remember to bring ID.

Please click here to see cleaning guidelines and learn more about danish cleaning products. 

For your information - see price example for cleaning services in Denmark here.


Have you checked your insurances? Who will pay if your PC is stolen? Who will pay if you lose your key? Who will pay if you accidentally damage anything in your apartment? Find more information under the 'Insurance' tab below.


Getting your contract 

You will receive your contract when you pick up your key. The contract is in Danish. You will receive 2 copies of the contract. One copy is for yourself. The other one you must sign and return to AU Housing within 7 days after arrival. 

Before buying your plane ticket home please see the latest moving out dates here.

Contract in English

Double room: Download an English translation of your contract.  This copy is for translation purposes only.

Double room (1 person in a shared double room):Download an English translation of your contract. This copy is for translation purposes only.

Single Room: Download an English translation of your contract. This copy is for translation purposes only.

Latest date for moving out

Check the latest moving out dates here.

How to change the end date of your contract

To shorten your contract:

- Submit the ‘Notice of termination’ form before deadline.

Check notice deadlines and be aware of the latest moving out date. 

To extend your contract:

- Contact housing@au.dk minimum two months before your contract ends.

- Note that extensions are granted in exceptional cases only. 

Rent and deposit

Rent payment

You must pay your first month's rent when you accept your housing offer (before arrival). If your lease starts on the 15th, you will only be charged a half month’s rent for your first month.

At the end of each month you will receive an e-mail with information about the next month's rent payment. The rent can only be paid by credit card via our online self-service system. 

Booking fee

When accepting a housing offer from AU Housing, you accept to pay a non-refundable booking fee of 600 DKK. 

Deposit payment and reimbursement

See more information about deposit here.

If you have any questions regarding your rent payment, kindly send an email to housing@au.dk or click here for more information.  

Please note: The processing time for reimbursement of the deposit is from 6 weeks up to 3 months.

Moving out procedures

Moving out date

You need to vacate your room no later than 9 o’clock the last working day before your lease ends.

NB: From 01-09-2023 the latest moving-out date is 3 working days before the end date.

What to do:

  • Moving out inspection:
    • Contact housing@au.dk at the latest 2 weeks before you move out and inform us about your moving out date
    • You will receive information on where to hand in your keys.
    • We will inspect your room soonest after having received your keys and you will receive the inspection report by email
  • Clean and empty your room:
    • Clean your room thoroughly according to the guidelines.
    • Clean the kitchen (incl. oven, range hood and fridge) and bathroom (incl. descaling the shower and sink).
    • Throw out or take with you all personal belongings, including a duvet, pillow, your own furniture, food items, electrical devices, and home decorations.   
    • A mandatory cleaning fee of 600 DKK will be deducted from your deposit. If the cleaning costs exceed 600 DKK, the total amount will be deducted from your deposit. This normally only happens if the descaling of the shower, and cleaning of the oven and fridge/freezer haven't been done, so pay extra attention to these areas.
  • Deregister CPR:
    • Deregister on the online Self-Service at www.lifeindenmark.dk (if you have a NemID)   
    • Notify your Danish bank about departure
    • Remove your name tag from the mailbox

Garbage fee

Before the inspection the accommodation must be vacated, cleaned, emptied for all personal belongings, including duvet, pillow, your own furniture, food items (also spices, flour, oil etc.), electrical devices, and home decorations. If you leave anything behind (also just very small things), you will be charged a minimum fee of 500 DKK (500 DKK for the first hour, hereafter 350 DKK/hour for handling of larger items like sofas, tables etc.)

If the set of kitchen equipment needs changing, a fee of 780 DKK will be deducted the deposit of the tenant.      


It is your responsibility to insure yourself and your belongings while you are staying in Denmark as Aarhus University does not cover any losses that may occur. We highly recommend that you take out the following insurance policies either before or immediately after arriving in Denmark.

  • Third-party insurance/liability insurance (ansvarsforsikring): This insurance is a must! The insurance covers any losses you might have if you have to pay compensation to another person.
  • Accident insurance (ulykkesforsikring): This insurance covers the financial consequences of an accident.
  • Home insurance (indboforsikring): This type of insurance covers you and your personal belongings in cases of loss, damage, re-housing due to water or fire damage, as well as the costs associated with changing the locks if you lose your key. Be aware that housing provided via AU Housing doesn't include insurances and you must take out the necessary insurances yourself.  Be aware that yours or your family's home-insurance in your home country doesn't cover your eventual loss in Denmark.

If you decide to buy insurance in Denmark, the University recommends that you contact different insurance companies to find the one that best suits your needs. The large insurance companies such as TRYG, Alm. Brand Forsikring and Top Danmark have homepages in English.

When buying an insurance, the insurance company requests your Danish CPR number. If you have registered for CPR, but have not received it yet, simply tell the company that you are waiting for it, and you should still be able to buy an insurance.


Internet connection is established at your residence. In the room, there is a cable that you have to plug in your computer. AU doesn't provide a router, but you can of course buy one yourself if you prefer WIFI.

Many places in Denmark you can use Eduroam, which is AU’s wireless network  for students, employees and visitors from other research and teaching institutions. See the interactive map

Laundry and cleaning


The laundry cost is included in the rent and paid for via a service agreement.

You will receive a laundry chip and a password upon arrival. Please follow the instructions on the wall in the laundry room. 

The laundry room is located in the basement of BLOK A.

Please contact AU Housing if you loose your laundry chip. It will cost you 250 DKK if you loose your laundry chip. 


Please click here to see cleaning guidelines and learn more about Danish cleaning products.

Videos about how to clean:

The kitchen

The bathroom

Caretaker/Janitor and other useful information

AU Housing

Contact AU Housing if you have problems with furniture, kitchen utensils, contract etc.

Høegh-Guldbergs Gade 4, bldg. 1650
8000 Aarhus C

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10:00 - 14:00

Your caretaker:

Contact your caretaker if you have problems with windows, doors, toilet, water, installations etc.

Kim Marsfeldt
Emdrupborg Kollegiet
Emdrupvej 54 A, kld.
2400 København NV

Mobil 4021 2934 telephone hours: Tuesday and Thursday 8.00-9.00

Mail ejendomskontoret.emdrupborg@fa09.dk 

In case of maintenance emergency:

- Outside the caretaker's telephone hours contact the administration +45 43 42 02 00. 

- Outside normal working hours (8.00-16.00) call the appropriate number: 

Plumber       Nørrebro VVS +45 35 83 79 01

Sewers        Lyngholm +45 36 77 00 77

Electrician    Stenild EL +45 38 19 12 00

Locksmith    Amager Låseservice +45 32 55 48 58

Windows      JB glas v. glarmester Vangså +45 40 13 79 94

Laundry       Miele +45 43 27 15 00

The 1813 help line

Do you need a doctor outside your GP's opening hours (in weekends and working days 16.00 - 8.00) call 1813.

More information about the Medical Helpline.

Police station

Police of Copenhagen 
Phone no. tlf. 114 or 33141448

Furniture and kitchen equipment

The furniture and kitchen equipment are expected to be left in the same condition and number as when you took over the tenancy, except for the normal wear and tear. If any of the basic furniture is broken, please contact housing@au.dk. Cost of missing or broken furniture will be deducted from your deposit. In the case of misuse, you must replace the equipment yourself before you leave the accommodation.

Basic kitchenware provided by AU
2 cups
2 glasses
2 plates
2 soup plates or bowls
2 teaspoons
2 spoons
2 knifes
2 forks
1 pan
2 pots
1 spatula
1 spoon
1 cutting board
1 knife
1 bread knife

You might find extras left by former tenants.

Furniture provided by AU
1 bed
1 table
1 dining table
1 office chair
1 sofa table or stool
1 lamp

You might find extras left by former tenants.


AU doesn't provide duvet, blankets or bed linen. You might find these items left from former tenants. If you don't want it, just throw it out.

Click here to see a guide on how to use bed linen.

Video on how to put on bed linen

Video on how to open and close venetian blinds. The video is not made by AU Housing.  

How to get around in town

It is not always easy to move to a new city that one does not know. In order to get settled it is important to know the essentials, such as how to get around or who to contact in case of emergencies.

To find out how you get around in Copenhagen you can use:

Using these two sites you can find out the proximity between two addresses, which transportation you can use and how long it will take.

Furthermore, you might find the following website helpful:

Terms and Conditions

Booking fee

1. I accept to pay a booking fee of 600 DKK when I accept a housing offer from AU Housing.  

Rent, deposit and cancellation policy

1. I accept to pay the first months’ rent and eventual service agreement fee by credit card via online system when I accept my housing offer.

2. I accept that I will pay a deposit of one to three months’ rent. More information here.

3. I accept that I will pay my rent every month on or before the last weekday before the turn of the month by credit card only via online system. In case I don’t pay the rent on time, I accept that a fee will apply and that I will pay any costs in connection with the termination of my lease (legal fee, court costs etc.). More information here.

4. I accept that I will pay the eventual service agreement expenses (covering costs such as utilities, internet and furniture) every month along with my rent.

5. I accept the following cancellation policy:

  • I can cancel my lease without any costs up to 14 days after I have accepted my housing offer and paid the first months’ rent.
  • I can, at any time, terminate my lease within my notice period. Find out which termination notice applies to your lease under the "Latest date of moving out" tab. 

6. The only way to cancel my lease is to send the notice of termination through the form found here.

7. I accept that I will pay my rent during the cancellation period.

8. I accept that AU is not responsible for my eventual delay due to visa, health or any other problems and that I will pay my rent until I cancel my lease even though I haven’t collected my key.

Moving in and out

1. I accept that I can move into my room on the first working day after my lease starts. If my lease starts on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, I can’t move in until the following Monday.

2. I accept that different moving out dates applies to different accommodations depending on my leasing contract. The moving out dates is:

  • The last working day of the month that the lease ends OR
  • 8 working days before the lease ends (only at Universitetsparken kollegium 1) OR
  • up to 2 weeks before the end of the lease (renovation period) 

3. I agree that I have read and understood the information about which of the above mentioned moving-out dates applies to my lease. Please, find the moving-out dates here.

4. I accept to pay rent in the renovation period.

5. I agree that I will leave my lease in the same condition as found apart from normal wear and tear.

6. I agree to pay for neglect of my home, damaged and missing inventory, and insufficient cleaning of my room and adjoining common areas.

7. I agree that I will return the same number of keys and laundry card to the caretaker or to the IC as described in my residence folder. In case I don’t deliver my keys, I will pay for the change of the lock.


1. I am obliged to observe the house rules.

2. I am obliged to pay attention to neighbours and take part in weekly cleaning of common areas (if any) and half-yearly general cleaning of common areas.

3. I am fully responsible for the room/apartment that I rent. I will pay repair costs for damages caused by me or any person visiting me.

4. I am aware that AU doesn’t provide any insurance and it is my own responsibility to acquire a suitable insurance to cover any loss of my belongings.

5. I accept that my lease is a single occupancy (unless otherwise is explicitly informed about in my housing offer) and that it is only permissible for the contract holder to live there.

6. I accept that I am not allowed to sublet my lease.

7.I accept that smoking is not allowed neither in my room/apartment, nor at any common areas.

8. I accept that I am not allowed to paint, alter or make any permanent alterations in my room/apartment.