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Applying for housing as exchange student or freemover via AU Housing

As a new exchange student or freemover to Aarhus University campus Emdrup, you can use the AU housing service. If you wish to apply for housing via AU Housing, please read about the application process below. The application system for admission opens 01 March-01 April (Autumn semester) and 01 September-01 October (Spring semester).

A booking fee of 600 DKK will be charged when accepting a housing offer from AU Housing. 

Housing application process

  1. Read the terms and conditions of housing and check the deadlines.
  2. Decide whether you want to use the AU Housing service or if it is better for you to find housing on your own. Be aware that we DON'T HAVE rooms for all applicants, and you should therefore also look for other housing options.
  3. Exchange student: Fill in the online application to become an exchange student at AU, and along with that fill in the housing application form. Go to the online application directions here.
  4. Freemover: Fill in the online application to become a freemover at AU, and along with that fill in the housing application form. Go to the online application directions here.
  5. Choose which date you want your contract to start. You can choose between these dates: 1.8., and 1.9. Before you choose a date, check carefully when your mandatory introduction program begins. NOTE: If a room is not available from the requested date, we will try to find a room for you before or after the requested date.
  6. We are able to send you ONE housing offer only. If your priorities are not met you can decline the housing offer, and instead look for a room at the private market.

 Receiving a housing offer

  1. You will receive an email from the housing office when we have allocated you a room. You can expect the email before 01 July/15 December.
  2. Make sure that emails from housing@au.dk and housing@adm.au.dk don't end in your spamfilter. Change the settings in your inbox so it allows emails from these two addresses.
  3. When you have received the email, you must confirm acceptance of the offered lease within 48 hours. You will receive information on how to access to the payment system where you will have to pay the first month's rent. A credit card is required. Your housing reservation will not be confirmed before we have received your payment. If you don't accept the housing offer within 48 hours, it will automatically be cancelled and your housing application cancelled. If you need housing you can look for accommodation at the private market.
  4. Please find a detailed guide on how to accept/decline a housing offer here.
  5. At all leases you will have to pay a deposit of one to three months' rent. The deposit will be charged together with your second month's rent. More information here.
  6. A booking fee of 600 DKK will be charged together with the deposit.

Cancellation policy

  1. If you need to cancel your accommodation, you must contact housing@au.dk immediately. If you cancel your accommodation more than 6 weeks before your leasing contract starts, we will cancel your contract without any costs. If there is less than six weeks until the start of your leasing contract, we will send you an invoice for 1-2 month’s rent depending on the specific leasing contract. There are no exceptions to this, meaning that the housing office is NOT responsible for eventual delays in your visa-application, withdrawal from your study programme, your eventual health problems or whatever reason for your delay or necessary cancellation, and you will therefore be billed for cancellations made later than 6 weeks before your contract starts for WHATEVER REASON you have to cancel.