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Fees and living expenses

Fees and living expenses

  • Cost of living in
  • Denmark and Aarhus

About course fees

Students from AU's international partner universities, Aarhus University or any other Danish University, who are approved by their home university will not have to pay a course fee. 

If you cannot get a nomination from your home university, your university is not one of our partner universities or if you are not currently enrolled in a university you will have to pay a course fee.
The fee is determined by your citizenship (if you have an EU citizenship or not), the subject area and amount of ECTS credits of the course you are interested in. 

The exact EU And NON-EU fee for each course appears on the course page for each course, all fees are stated in EURO.  

The course fee includes a 5% administration fee.

The course fee does not include housing, meals or study materials. For a budget example that includes all these things then please see the below box. 

You can cancel your registration up to 2 weeks before the course start. Within this deadline, we will refund the full amount you have paid. You do not have to provide a reason for cancelling.  

Estimated budget for one month in Aarhus

Estimated budget for one month Summer University stay in Aarhus (excluding possible course fee):

  • Social Activities: 120 EUR
  • Housing: 490 EUR
  • Meals: 230 EUR
  • Local transport: 50 EUR
  • Books: 60 EUR
  • Other expenses: 50 EUR
  • In total excl. flight: 1000 EUR

NB: Remember to bring your student card. Many stores and restaurants in Aarhus offer discounts for students.