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The Else Kai Sass Award

As part of its annual celebration in September, Aarhus University will confer the Else Kai Sass Award, which is named after the first female professor at Aarhus University.

Facts about The Teaching Prize

  • is given to a candidate who brings knowledge from AU out into society, and who has made a particularly positive contribution to research communication, collaboration and/or innovation.
  • is worth DKK 60,000 and is funded by the Aarhus University Anniversary Foundation
  • replaces the former Research Communication Prize.
  • was first presented at the AU annual celebration in 2023.

2023: Professor Kim Daasbjerg

Professor, chemist and entrepreneur Kim Daasbjerg is the first ever recipient of the Else Kai Sass Award. The award celebrates Kim Daasbjerg’s remarkable achievements within the fields of collaboration, innovation and the communication of research.

During his 30 years at Aarhus University, Kim Daasbjerg has been part of three research centres and two successful companies (RadiSurf and Danish Graphene), he’s been an excellent teacher and shared his knowledge across academic disciplines and with the world outside the university.

The professor's contribution has been noted by colleagues, collaboration partners and the senior management team. His nomination for the Else Kai Sass Award is a reflection of his ability to embody academic entrepreneurship. He is praised for challenging conventional thinking with alternative and innovative ideas. A characteristic he shares with the woman the award is named after: Else Kai Sass.

One of Kim Daasbjerg's recent achievements is the Open Science initiative, which invites Danish industry into an open collaboration with the university to promote the exchange of knowledge and experience. The initiative has resulted in successful partnerships that have benefited students, researchers and the business community. He is also the initiator of events such as Brainnovation Day, the Open Science festivals and entrepreneurship hackathons.

Kim Daasbjerg will receive the Else Kai Sass Award at the annual celebration on 15 September. The award is given by the Aarhus University Anniversary Foundation.