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At Aarhus University, we are working to promote sustainable development – in the university’s degree programmes, in our daily operations and in our research. Learn more on this page. 


Aarhus University is committed to generating knowledge about and creating the foundation for new sustainable solutions through research. The university has several interdisciplinary centres that work with climate and sustainability, as well as many researchers.


Climate strategy

In April 2020, the university intensified its already considerable efforts to increase the sustainability of its operations: the university’s ambitious climate strategy was adopted.

The strategy will apply through 2025, and it sets concrete targets for the work of making AU’s operations even more climate-friendly.

Website for employees and students

The university keeps employees and students informed about work on sustainable operations on a dedicated website. You can also read about AU Garden, a green space dedicated to biodiversity and about AU’s sustainability network, as well as initiatives to promote sustainable operations.