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Explore Aarhus on your own

Are you visiting Aarhus before Summer University 2024? Then feel free to use this page as inspiration on what to do or see in Aarhus during your stay!

Besides our planned social programme, we have some recommendations for you on what to see in Aarhus. Often referred to as the smallest big city, Aarhus boasts a vibrant atmosphere and a great location. With forests and beaches close to the city centre, it's a perfect escape on warm days. Aarhus is also home to multiple architectural landmarks, both old and new. As we can't schedule activities at all of these amazing places, we've created a guide for you and your classmates.

How to get around in Aarhus

By car

As you will soon find out, Danes are known for their love of bicycles. Even during the winter, you will see most Danes using their bikes as a means of transport. However, the local bus network is well developed, and the yellow city buses will take you all over the city. If you bring your own car, you will be able to find parking both in the city centre and on campus. While parking on campus is free but time-limited, the parking on the streets outside of campus is also time-limited and requires payment. Once you find a parking space, you need to locate the closest parking meter to pay for a parking ticket. Please note that parking fines are expensive in Denmark.

If you need to get somewhere fast and easily, you can always call one of the city taxis, although they are expensive compared to taxis in other countries. However, they are safe, reliable, and comfortable.

Aarhus Taxa: +45 89 48 48 48 - they also have an app you can order a taxi from. Read more about it here.
DanTaxi: +45 86 16 47 00 - they also have an app and a website you can order a taxi from. Read more about it here.

By bike

One of the easiest ways to get around in Aarhus is definitely by bike. Aarhus is one of the best bike cities in the world and most people in Aarhus prefer their bike over their car. Aarhus is just small enough so that biking from one end of the city to the other takes just around 30 minutes, so most things in Aarhus is rather close to each other. 

Therefore, Aarhus has chosen Donkey Republic as their official bike-share provider, making it super easy to rent a bike anywhere in the city. To rent a Donkey bike, you only need to download the Donkey Republic app, which also unlocks the bike. You don't need to have an internet connection, be at a docking station, or think about opening hours. The bikes are located all around the city and can be tracked in the app. Read more about experiencing Aarhus by bike here.

You can also rent a bike for a full month here in Aarhus for only DKK 179 (with student discount) + a sign-up fee. This price includes service if the bike breaks down. In case this happens, Swapfiets, the official bike rental company, will come to you and swap it with a new one, hence their name Swapfiets. After placing the order, the bike will be delivered to you. Please note that the minimum contract period is one month with one month's notice. Read more about it here.

If you don't want to get sweaty by biking, you can instead rent an electric scooter by the same concept as with the bikes. The official electric scooter provider in Aarhus is Voi. Just download the Voi app, which shows the location of the nearest Voi scooter on the map in the app. The electric scooters are also located all around the city and can be tracked in the app. Read more about Voi here.

By public transportation   

The third way to get around in Aarhus is by bus or 'Letbane'. Aarhus has great public transport; bus, tram and train, but the most frequent one of them is the bus. The bus connections cover most of Aarhus and the busses drive with 10 to 30-minute intervals. The official bus provider in Aarhus is Midttrafik and you can read more about their different tickets here.

There are multiple different tickets, but you can also just buy a single ticket in some of the busses and in the blue busses, you can by it from the bus driver in the bus. If you want to travel by bus more than a couple of times, the single tickets are quite expensive compared to the tourist tickets, where you can travel unlimited for 24, 48 or 72 hours in both the bus and the tram (‘Letbanen’). You can read more about tickets and how to buy them on our Instagram highlight 'Bus guide'.

The official itinerary in Aarhus is Journey Planer (‘Rejseplanen’), which is both a website and an app free to download. Here, you simply enter your current location, where you want to go and when you want to either take off or arrive. Read more about it here.

Explore Denmark

If you have a day or weekend off, you might want to explore other parts of Denmark. For further inspiration, see VisitDenmark. You can either take a bus or train when getting around in Denmark. To check train departure times, you can visit the websites of DSB, Arriva, or Rejseplanen. Flixbus is a cheaper alternative to the train with an additional discount for students. Please visit Flixbus for departure times.

Note: If you wish to receive a student discount, it is very important that you bring a certificate of enrollment from either AU or your home university with you as they will check your credits on the bus and train.


You can take the train or bus to Copenhagen's Central Station in 3-3.5 hours. The train leaves for Copenhagen twice per hour. As the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen has a lot to offer. Take a tour on the canal, visit the Little Mermaid and the Queen's Palace, or take a stroll through Tivoli. Or simply just walk around and see all the city has to offer. Read more about it here.


You can take the train or bus to Odense in 1.5 hours. The train leaves for Odense twice per hour. The historic city of Odense is the birthplace of famous writer Hans Christian Andersen. Visit his childhood home or enjoy the cobblestone streets with small colorful homes that look like they belong on the pages of a storybook.Read more about Odense here.


You can take the train or bus to Aalborg in 1.5 hours. The train leaves for Aalborg twice per hour. Aalborg is located right at the waterfront, which has received an architectural upgrade in recent years with buildings such as the Utzon Center and the House of Music. Aalborg is also famous for its dramatic street art around the city; one walking tour will take you through more than 50 pieces. Read more about what to do in North Jutland here.

Aarhus Ø

Aarhus Docklands (in Danish: Aarhus Ø) is a new district in Aarhus, and it is famous for the amazing architecture. The construction of the district began in 2008, and since then, a lot of famous buildings have been created. You need to see “The Light House”, “The Iceberg” and much more!

Read more about Aarhus Ø here.

Beaches in Aarhus

Ballehage Strand

The Beach “Ballehage” is a nice natural beach that is located 4 km south of Aarhus. Ballehage is located near the popular attraction “Den Uendelige Bro”.  

Address: Ballehage Strand, 8270 Højbjerg 

Public transport: From Park Alle/Rådhuset (Aarhus C) you can take bus line 18 towards Mosegaard Museum. You must get off at the stop called “Bekkasinvej/Grumstolsvej”.   

Bellevue Strand

The beach called “Bellevue” is a nice sandy beach. Bellevue is located in the northern part of the city about 4 km from Aarhus C.    

Address: Bellevue Strand, 8240 Risskov  

Public transport: From Park Alle/Rådhuset (Aarhus C) you can take bus line 12 towards Hjortshøj or you can take bus line 17 towards Studstrup. You will have to get off at the stop called “Bellevuehallerne/Nordre Strandvej”.

Den Permanente 

The beach called “Den Permanente” is one of the most popular beaches in Aarhus. Den Permanente is located in the forest called “Riis Skov”, which is a nice place for walks or a picnic. Den Permanente is located only 2 km from Aarhus University.

Address: Salonvejen 1, 8240 Risskov.

Public transport: From Park Alle/Rådhuset (Aarhus C) you can take either bus line 12 towards Mejlby, where you will get off at the stop called “Stationsgade/Harald Selmers Vej”, or the Letbane towards Grenaa in which you will have to get off at the stop called “Risskov Strandpark”.


The beach called “Tangkrogen” is a nice and natural beach, which is located near the castle “Marselisborg” and it is also near the urban area called “Frederiksbjerg”, which is very cozy and charming.  

Address: Tangkrogen/Strandvejen (Aarhus Kom), 8000 Aarhus.  

Public transport: From Park Alle/Rådhuset (Aarhus C) you can take bus line 17 towards Solbjerg, or you can take bus line 18 towards Moesgaard Museum.  


On Aarhus Ø you will find the charming harbor bath called “Havnebadet” or “Bassin 7”. The harbor bath offers several different pools and you will also find different street food places and bars.   

Havnebadet is located only 2,6 km from Aarhus University. 

Opening hours: 10.00am - 6.00pm.  

Price: Free 

Address: Havnebadet, 8000 Aarhus C 

Public transport: You can take the Letbane and get off at the stop called “Østbanetovet” and walk the rest of the way. 

Forests in Aarhus

Marselisborg Forests

Marselisborg Forest is a 550 hectares (1,400 acres) forest to the south of Aarhus City. Marselisborg Forests runs along the coastline of the Aarhus Bay in a hilly terrain with steep slopes and deep gullies, especially at the shoreline. There are many traces of prehistoric activities here and the landscape have been covered by woodlands for thousands of years.

Riis Skov forest

Riis Skov is located in the northern part of Aarhus City. It is a small forest on around 80 hectares and is frequently used by all of Aarhus’ citizens to run in, walk in, buy a to-go coffee in and enjoy the beautiful view of Aarhus Bay and Aarhus Ø. Riis Skov is also the place for one of Aarhus’ most popular beaches, Den Permanente bathing establishment. It is the perfect place for walking with its paths and small hills! There are a lot of benches and places to take a rest too. 

Free stand up

Every Sunday, the popular bar called Alberts has English open mic stand up. Most days of the week they have Danish open mics as well, however, Sundays are for the English crowd!

Time: Every Sunday 19.30 to 21.30 (Danish time). The doors open at 18.00 and when the bar is filled up, the doors close, so be there in advance. 

Address: Store Torv 3, 8000 Aarhus C 

Read more about it here.

Market at Ingerslev Boulevard

We recommend taking a trip to the street marked at Ingerslevs Boulevard! Beside the amazing atmosphere, it contains lots of stalls with various of different food experiences. There is everything from flowers, fruits and vegetables to cheese and meat. But the best part is the newly baked bread, the creamy ice cream and the freshly brewed coffee.

Address: Ingerslevs Boulevard 1, 8000 Aarhus C

Time: Every Sunday from 09:30 to 16:00.

Price: Free

Board game café

Do you like board games? And lots of them? Then this is something for you. Aarhus Brætspilscafé is a board game café in Aarhus, which is a great place to meet up with friends and do something as social and cozy as playing board games. You can buy drinks and snacks at the place and try all the games you want. To be sure that there is a table for you, they recommend reserving a table (this can be done here).

Address: There are 2 cafés in Aarhus: one at Vestergade 58A, 8000 Aarhus C, and another at Fredensgade 38, 8000 Aarhus C.

Time: The board game café at Vestergade opens everyday at 12:00. The one on Fredensgade opens at 16:00 on weekdays and at 14:00 in weekends.

Price: 35 DKK per person to play every game you want.

For more information, read here.

Petanque at Ingerslev Boulevard

Petanque might not be the most popular game, but nevertheless it is a great activity to enjoy in the afternoon sun. On Ingerslev Boulevard at Frederiksbjerg, there are two petanque courts available for free! Join your friends and meet up for a fun game in the sun. Afterwards, you can grab a cup of coffee on the nearby cafées or buy an ice cream. 

Address: Ingerslevs Boulevard 1, 8000 Aarhus C

Price: Free!