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Nomination process

Partner institutions to Aarhus University can use the existing bilateral exchange agreement between Aarhus University and your institution to nominate students for exchange (tuition-fee-waived) at AU Summer University. 

The nominated students will be treated as regular semester exchange students and therefore counting in the general exchange balance between Aarhus University and your institution. 

Usually students take 10 ECTS during AU Summer University and therefore we count 3:1 towards the regular semester. This also means that when choosing to nominate students to Summer University this will influence the number you can send for regular semester exchange at Aarhus University during the following academic year.

If you do not wish to spend exchange balance on AU Summer University, your students cannot apply as exchange students (tuition-fee waived), but instead they must apply as free-movers (fee-paying students). 

In 2024 we will be offering more than 90 Summer courses at BA and MA level and as 5 or 10 ECTS credit courses, within a range of academic areas.

If you nominate a student between March 13th and April 21st, your students will receive an invitation to apply from us around April 24th with information on how to apply and with a course list. On May 1st nominated students will receive the link they need to use in order to apply.

AU Summer University 2024 second round key dates

Nominations open Now
Course list ready (latest) April 24
Applications open May 1
Application deadline in order to ensure housing service* May 6

Nomination deadline

May 27

Application deadline without housing service

May 31 (12 noon cest)

*AU Housing offers housing services to international students participating in AU Summer University. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee housing for all participants, but we will do our best to provide students with either a housing offer or information about alternative housing options. Usually all nominated exchange students applying within the housing deadline will be offered housing through AU housing. 
However, the housing service ony applies to students who applies between May 1 and May 6.
Students applying after May 6 will need to find housing in Aarhus on their own.