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Free mover (non-exchange)

Language Requirements and Additional Requirements

Free movers are expected to meet the same requirements regarding English qualifications as regular students (view AU language requirements applying to regular students).

Additional Requirements

Free movers must meet the prerequisites of the courses they are applying for. Additional requirements may apply depending on the courses they are applying for.

You will be assessed according to the admission requirements of the relevant degree programme(s).

Tuition Fee and Participation Fees

Participation Fees

Free movers are obliged to pay a participation fee for the courses they attend. The prices are: 

  • DKK 600 (approximately EUR 80) per ECTS point in the Faculty of Arts
  • DKK 500 (approximately EUR 67) per ECTS point at the School of Business and Social Sciences
  • DKK 900 (approximately EUR 120) per ECTS point at the Department of Law
  • DKK 200 (approximately EUR 27) per ECTS point at the Faculties of Technical Sciences and Natural Sciences
  • DKK 500 (approximately EUR 67) per ECTS point at the Department of Engineering Aarhus
  • DKK 500 (approximately EUR 67) per ECTS point at the Department of Engineering Herning


Tuition fees

All free movers are obliged to pay participation fees whereas tuition fees  only apply to free movers from countries outside the EU/EEA/Switzerland as an additional cost.
The tuition fees are based on the ECTS workload chosen. See the tuition fee rates here.

Application Deadlines

For application deadlines please contact the relevant faculty. You can find their contact info under How to apply

How to apply

Aarhus University (AU) is implementing a new application system for free-mover students. Access to the application system will become available soon.

To best prepare your application, it is important to understand the structure and the different locations of Aarhus University. Aarhus University has three different campuses (located in Aarhus, Herning and Emdrup) and is divided into five faculties, which are subdivided into 26 departments. Read more about the five faculties.

Remember when choosing courses that you may only take courses at one location and within one faculty. You may not choose courses at more than two different departments. Please notice that the Faculty of Health does not accept freemover applications.

It is important that you have a relevant academic background for the courses that you apply for. You must have taken courses at your home university within the specific subject field you have applied to in order to be accepted to any of the departments. 

EU students can sign up for 5 ECTS to 30 ECTS during a semester. To obtain a study and work permit, students from outside the EU/EEA have to study 30 ECTS in total (20 ECTS at one department). If you choose courses at more than one department, it is important that you choose at least 20 ECTS at one department. Students applying for courses at Aarhus BSS, should only apply for courses at one department.

At the application form, you can apply for housing as well, if needed.

Documents to be attached with your online application:

You will as a minimum be required to attach the following documents to your application:

  • Official transcript of records from your home university (must be in pdf format and must be in English!)
  • Copy/Scan of passport
  • Transcripts from bachelor studies (for master students only)


Processing times and notification

You will be informed approximately six weeks prior to semester start whether you meet the prerequisites to be enrolled in the requested courses. However, as enrolment in courses for free mover students is dependent on available space in the relevant courses, you will not receive final confirmation about course enrolment until approximately two weeks prior to semester start. If there is space left in the courses, you will receive a notification about this and an invoice. Only after the invoice has been paid in full, will you receive a Letter of Enrolment and be enrolled in the requested courses. Please be aware that due to this procedure, Aarhus University cannot guarantee that free mover students will be admitted and enrolled in courses by semester start. 

Where to apply

Freemover applicants to the Faculties of Natural and Technical Sciences can apply here.

Freemover applicants to the Faculty of Arts can apply here soon. If you have any questions you are welcome to contact evu.arts@au.dk

Freemover applicants to Aarhus BSS  can apply here.

Faculty of Health does not accept freemover applications.

Residence permit for students from non-EU/EEA countries

If you apply for admission as a free mover student from a non-EU/EEA country (or are going to study in Greenland), you should be aware that you will not be eligible to apply for a residence permit until after you have received a Letter of Enrolment and paid the relevant course fees. The residence permit processing time is approximately two months (60 days), which could make it difficult to receive a residence permit in time for semester start.  

After Acceptance

If your application is successful, and once you have paid your fees, you will by e-mail receive:

  • Letter of Enrolment
  • Pre-filled ST1 application form for a residence permit (for non-EU applicants and for students going to Greenland) and guidelines on how to fill in your part, before you submit it. Please notice the 60 days processing time.

You will also receive a welcome email to the e-mail address that you have written in your online application.

It is also important that you begin to plan your trip to Aarhus as soon as possible. On the Prepare your arrival page, you will find information about travelling to Aarhus and extended opening hours at and how to get to the International Centre (to register upon your arrival). You will also find information regarding Visas and Residence Documents, which we encourage you to read very carefully.