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Application for Free movers at Aarhus BSS

It is possible to apply to Aarhus BSS through the available study place scheme (tompladsordningen). The scheme applies to applicants from a foreign university who are not covered by an Exchange Agreement (free movers).

In order for you to be admitted into the available study place scheme, there must be a vacant place in the single subject you would like to study, and you must also meet the admission requirements. Aarhus BSS recently introduced maximum limits to all courses. Your application will, therefore, not be processed before we are certain, that there is a vacant place. This means that you will not receive notification of a possible admission until just prior to commencement of studies.

Teaching takes place during the day together with the university’s full-time students. The academic year is divided into two semesters at Aarhus BSS. 

As a free mover applicant, it is a prerequisite for admission that you can document that you are enrolled in a full-time degree programme at a foreign university.

Aarhus University reserves the right to reject qualified applicants due to insufficient capacity, and to cancel the single subjects that have been offered if there are insufficient numbers of qualified applicants or if there are other special circumstances.

Admission requirements

As a free mover applicant, it is a prerequisite for admission that you can document that you are enrolled in a full-time degree programme at a foreign university.
The admission requirements for single subjects in the available study place scheme are the same as those for full-time study programmes that include the single subject. However, there is no requirement for a grade point average (GPA). You can find the admission requirements in Aarhus University’s Study Guide. This includes descriptions of the study programme in the lists of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes and supplementary subjects. The admission requirements are stated under the description of each individual degree programme.

Here you can find information about admission requirements for Bachelor’s degree programmes at Aarhus University.

Here you can find information about admission requirements for Master’s degree programmes at Aarhus University.

Language Requirements

Applicants are expected to meet the same requirements regarding English qualifications as regular students. Find AU language requirements applying to regular students.

Specific Academic Requirements

Applicants must meet the prerequisites of the courses they are applying for. You may find the academic prerequisites in the description in the Course Catalogue.


Participation Fee

The participation fee covers class participation in the teaching and three examination attempts. The fee is charged in connection with enrolment.
The fee is free of value-added tax and does not cover expenses for teaching material.


Aarhus BSS

Price per ECTS credit per single-subject course

Courses in law (only Master’s degree courses)    

DKK 900 

Economics and Management

DKK 500 

Political Science

DKK 500 

Business Communication

DKK 500 

Business Administration

DKK 500 

Business Economics and Auditing (compulsory courses on the MSc in Business Economics and Auditing)

DKK 500 

Technology Based Business Development and Engineering

DKK 500   

Psychology DKK 500

PLEASE NOTE! The government grant for part-time degree programmes is fixed in the Finance Act for one year at a time. As such, Aarhus University reserves the right to adjust tuition fees if necessary.

Tuition Fee

Tuition fee is charged before the start of the semester, and the deadline for timely payment is stated on the invoice.  You should expect a short payment deadline (often only a few days), as available student places are established shortly before the commencement of studies. The closer to the commencement of studies you are enrolled, the shorter the payment deadline.

All free movers are obliged to pay participation fees whereas tuition fees only apply to free movers from countries outside the EU/EEA/Switzerland as an additional cost.
The tuition fees are based on the ECTS workload chosen.
See the tuition fee rates for Bachelor's programmes here (Annual tuition fee rates).
See the tuition fee rates for Master's programmes here.
Both fees entitle you to take the course once, and only in the period of time for which you have been admitted. If you want to attend the same course again, you will have to submit a new application for admission and pay the tuition fee once again. You will only have the right to participate in exams once we have received your tuition fee.

Withdrawing from courses and participation fee refunds

If you wish to withdraw from a course, you must do so by writing to
BSS Studies via email: evu.bss@au.dk or

Your tuition fee will be refunded (unless otherwise stated on your letter of admission) if we receive your written withdrawal by:

1      September (for courses in the autumn)

1      February (for courses in the spring)

Once the teaching has started, it is no longer possible to refund your tuition fees. It is not possible to make changes to the enrolment, e.g. from one course to another, after the tuition fee has been registered. 

To enable us to refund your participation fees, remember to state your name, student registration number and which subject(s) you wish to cancel, as well as your bank details.

Find your subject

Find your subject in the course catalogue

Find details about the university’s subjects in the AU course catalogue​​​​​​​.

You should always make sure that you have checked the "Course type" to "Vacant place scheme". The you wil find only courses that sáre avaliable for you to choose.  You can refine your search further by choosing catagories such as ‘period’, ‘department’ and ‘degree programme’. The course catalogue is divided into subject areas, and it might therefore be necessary to refer to several different fields to find courses on a particular subject.

In the Bachelor’s guide and the Master’s guide, you can find a thematic overview of the university’s different degree programmes. This should help identify the single subject to search for in the course catalogue.

Find your Bachelor’s programme

Find your Master’s programme

Please note that not all the university’s subjects are available for admission in the available study place scheme. Make sure to check the box "Vacant place scheme" under "Course type" to find eligable courses. 

Student counsellors can provide information about the academic content and any specific admission requirements.

How to apply

It is important that you have a relevant academic background for the courses that you apply for. You must have taken courses at your home university within the specific subject field you have applied to in order to be accepted. 

EU students can sign up for 5 ECTS to 30 ECTS during a semester. To obtain a study and work permit, students from outside the EU/EEA have to study 30 ECTS in total (20 ECTS at one department). If you choose courses at more than one department, it is important that you choose at least 20 ECTS at one department. Students applying for courses at Aarhus BSS, should only apply for courses at one department.

Documents to be attached to your online application

In your application you must upload the following documentation:

  • Copy/scan of passport
  • Proof of an English language test. See the English language requirements here.
  • Proof of your current enrollment in a full-time degree programme at a foreign university (in English).
  • Transcript of records from your bachelor degree programme and master’s degree programme if you apply for master courses (must be in pdf format and in English).
  • A copy of your final school-leaving diploma / Qualifying entry examination including a transcript of records (if you apply for bachelor courses).**
  • Documentation of the number of instruction hours in your upper secondary school (you can use the attached Verification form in order to document your number of instruction hours) (if you apply for courses at bachelor level)
  • In your application you have to specify name and the STADS UVA code of the courses you want in prioritized order.

In case there are no available seats in the courses you have applied for, we recommend you to put some extra courses on your list because it will not be possible to choose alternative courses when we have sent you the final notification of possible admission or rejection.

**If you are from Italy the following must be uploaded:

  • A copy of your final school-leaving diploma (Diploma di Superamento dell' Esame di Stato Conclusivo dei Corsi di Studio di Istruzione Secondaria Superiore)
  • A copy of your grade transcripts from your 5 years in upper secondary school (Scrutinio di quinta superiore/pagella scolastica)

Processing times and notification

When we have received your application we will get back to you if we need further documentation.

Often our courses are full and you will not recieve the final notification of a possible admission until just prior to commencement studies (1-2 weeks before).

If there is space left in the courses, you will recieve a notifiction about this for you to confirm. Afterwards you will receive a letter of enrollment and an invoice and be enrolled in the requested courses.

When can you apply

The link to the application system will appear when the system opens approximately two weeks prior to the application deadline which is November 1st for spring courses and May 1st for courses in the fall.

Student guidance

You can contact the student counsellors for guidance regarding being a student in the available study place scheme. You can contact them by mail studievejledning.bss@au.dk.

For guidance regarding your application and participation fees, please contact Continuing Education at Aarhus BSS studies by sending an e-mail to evu.bss@au.dk

Can I take a complete BSc/MSc degree under the available study place scheme?

It is not possible to complete a Bachelor’s (BSc) or Master’s (MSc) degree under available study place scheme. The most you can study is half of a BSc degree and half of an MSc degree, which means that you may study for a maximum of 90 ECTS credits for a BSc and 60 ECTS credits for an MSc. You can study for 60 ECTS credits in one year, corresponding to one full-time year. You can subsequently be admitted to single subjects corresponding to a maximum of 25 ECTS credits per semester. If you would like to complete a BSc or MSc degree, you must apply for admission to the relevant degree programme as a full-time student.

Residence permit for students from non-EU/EEA countries

If you apply for admission as a free mover student from a non-EU/EEA country, you should be aware that you will not be eligible to apply for a residence permit until after you have received a Letter of Enrolment and paid the relevant course fees. The residence permit processing time is approximately two months (60 days), which makes it very difficult to receive a residence permit in time for semester start.  

Basis for rules and regulations

Rules and Executive Orders

For rules and regulations regarding the individual offers, please refer to the academic regulations for the degree programme the single subject is part of, and the course description in the course catalogue.

You can read the relevant rules and Executive Orders (in Danish only) at the bottom of the Continuing Education portal about the available study place scheme.

Find all the academic regulations at Aarhus University.