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Available study place scheme at Science and Technology

Single subjects during daytime hours

Is the available study place scheme the right choice for you?

This website about the available study place scheme (tompladsordningen) applies to English-speaking applicants who have a residence permit and live in Denmark, and who would like to apply for admission to a single subject under the available study place scheme.

If you do not live in Denmark and would like to apply for admission to a single subject at Aarhus University, you should not apply via this website, but instead contact the International Centre at Aarhus University.


The available study place scheme provides you with a good opportunity to upgrade and expand your skills. You can choose from among many of the subjects offered by Aarhus University, and thereby benefit from the latest research in the field that interests you. In order for you to be admitted, there must be a vacant place in the single subject you would like to study, and you must also meet the admission requirements.

The teaching takes place during the day together with the university’s full-time students. The academic year is divided into two semesters at Natural Sciences and Technical Sciences. Your participation fees cover teaching, three examination attempts and administration.

Find your subject

Find your subject in the course catalogue

Find details about the university’s subjects in the AU course catalogue.

You can refine your search by choosing words such as ‘period’, ‘department’ and ‘degree programme’. The course catalogue is divided into subject areas, and it might therefore be necessary to refer to several different fields to find courses on a particular subject.

In the Bachelor’s guide and the Master’s guide, you can find a thematic overview of the university’s different degree programmes. This should help identify the single subject to search for in the course catalogue.

Find your Bachelor’s programme

Find your Master’s programme

Please note that not all the university’s subjects are available for admission in the available study place scheme. Student counsellors can provide information about which single subject you can apply for, the academic content and any specific admission requirements.

Student guidance

It might be a good idea to contact the student guidance office, where you can get help about admission requirements and academic prerequisites.

Find student counsellors at Nat-Tech

Admission requirements

The admission requirements for single subjects in the available study place scheme are the same as those for full-time study programmes that include the single subject. However, there is no requirement for a grade point average (GPA). You can find the admission requirements for the individual courses in Aarhus University’s Study Guide. This includes descriptions of the study programme in the lists of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes and supplementary subjects. The admission requirements are stated under the description of each individual degree programme.

Go to the Study Guide.

Here you can find information about admission requirements for Bachelor’s degree programmes at Aarhus University.

Here you can find information about admission requirements for Master’s degree programmes at Aarhus University.

Students enrolled in full-time degree programmes cannot be admitted to a single subject under the available study place scheme if the single subject can be included in the full-time degree programme in which they are enrolled.

Aarhus University reserves the right to reject qualified applicants due to insufficient capacity or a lack of teacher resources, and to cancel the single subjects that have been offered if there are insufficient numbers of qualified applicants or if there are other special circumstances.



Aarhus Faculties of Natural Sciences and Technical Sciences

Natural Sciences and Technical Sciences
Single subjects 

DKK 200 per ECTS credit per single subject

Single subjects at the Aarhus University School of Engineering

DKK 500 per ECTS credit per single subject

Single subjects in the Master’s degree programme in Biomedical Engineering/Biomedical Technology

DKK 300 per ECTS credit per single subject

NB! The state subsidy for part-time study programmes is determined in the Finance Act for one year at a time. Aarhus University therefore reserves the right to make any adjustments to the participation fees.



Application for spring 2020

The deadline for applications to single subjects in the spring semester 2020 is November 15th 2019.

Please note that it is not possible to apply for admission to single subjects under the available study place scheme via the self-service facility for students.

Fill in the application form

To be admitted, you must fill in an application form and you can print one out from this website.

You must state on the application form which subjects you would like to enrol in. It is therefore necessary to obtain information about these subjects before you fill in the form.

Single subjects

A single subject can be included in a number of Bachelor’s degree programmes.

To ensure that your enrolment is correct, you must write the following in the application form:

The exact title of the single subject, e.g. ‘Advanced Algebra’, and the STADS UVA code, which you can find in the course catalogue.

Send the form and any attachments

Please send the completed form and any relevant attachments to Continuing Education (Efter- og videreuddannelse), Nat-Tech, where your application will be registered. The address is stated on the application form. Submitting an application and attachments with personal data by e-mail is at your own risk because Aarhus University does not have secure external e-mail.

The university registers personal data, the basis for admission and the result of the university’s application process.

Copy of passport

If you are not a Danish citizen a copy of your passport must be attached to the application form. 

Response to your application

Continuing Education processes your application and sends you a letter in response.

You can expect a response by mid-August/mid-January at the latest, depending on when you submitted your application. For some single subjects, you will not receive notification of admission until just prior to commencement of studies, when we can first ascertain whether there are any vacant places.

Credit transfer

If you would like credit transfer for tests or examinations from other degree programmes, please contact the board of studies for the relevant degree programme.

Participation fees


The participation fees cover participation in the teaching and three examination attempts, and are charged in connection with enrolment.

The fees are free of value-added tax and do not cover expenses for teaching material.

The deadline for payment is stated on the invoice. The closer to the commencement of studies you are enrolled, the shorter the payment deadline.

The participation fees entitle you to attend classes once, and only during the period in which you are admitted. If you would like to attend the classes again, you must submit a new application for admission, and you will be required to pay participation fees again.

The state subsidy for part-time study programmes is determined in the Finance Act for one year at a time. Aarhus University therefore reserves the right to make any adjustments to the participation fees, including the course in progress.

Payment slip

When you submit your application for admission, please fill in the slip with payment details attached to the application form. This enables us to send any charges directly to your employer when you are admitted.

Refunds and changes to your enrolment

If you wish to cancel your enrolment after the commencement of studies, your participation fees will not be refunded. However, your participation fees can be refunded if you cancel prior to the commencement of studies.

Once the application deadline has expired, you may not make any changes to your enrolment, such as changing from one discipline to another.

To enable Continuing Education to register your cancellation, you must send written notification to evu.st@au.dk. To enable us to refund your participation fees, remember to state your name, student registration number and which subject(s) you wish to cancel, as well as your own or your employer’s bank details.

Student guidance

If you require specific professional guidance, the student counsellors for the individual subjects can help you. They can provide you with guidance regarding the right single subject, admission requirements and prerequisites.

For guidance regarding your application and participation fees, please contact Continuing Education at Nat-Tech by sending an e-mail to evu.st@au.dk or calling +45 8715 2821.

Can I take a complete BSc/MSc degree under the available study place scheme?

It is not possible to complete a Bachelor’s (BSc) or Master’s (MSc) degree under available study place scheme. The most you can study is half of a BSc degree and half of an MSc degree, which means that you may study for a maximum of 90 ECTS credits for a BSc and 60 ECTS credits for an MSc. You can study for 60 ECTS credits in one year, corresponding to one full-time year. You can subsequently be admitted to single subjects corresponding to a maximum of 25 ECTS credits per semester. If you would like to complete a BSc or MSc degree, you must apply for admission to the relevant degree programme as a full-time student.

Basis for rules and regulations

Rules and Executive Orders

For rules and regulations regarding the individual offers, please refer to the academic regulations for the degree programme the single subject is part of, and the course description in the course catalogue.

You can read the relevant rules and Executive Orders (in Danish only) at the bottom of the Continuing Education portal about the available study place scheme.

Find all the academic regulations at Aarhus University.