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Socialising and making friends

Moving to a new country where you do not know many people can seem a bit intimidating. Luckily, Aarhus University provides students with multiple great opportunities to socialise and get involved.

Student life and events

Aarhus University is a lively and modern university, which collaborates with the business community, cultural centres and other universities around the world. This creates an international atmosphere and a wide range of opportunities for professional and international collaboration.

The attractive study environment characterized by the unique campus situated in the beautiful University Park provides the best surroundings for life as a student at Aarhus University.

Along with academic debates and lectures, AU also holds a number of social events for both international and Danish students throughout the year. This includes the very popular Kapsejlads or ‘boat race’ where students from different student associations race against each other with the chance to win “The Golden bedpan”. Moreover, every year around the beginning of the Autumn semester, the Student Council (Studenterrådet) at Aarhus University and Aarhus University Sports (AUS) host Denmark’s Largest Friday Bar and Sports Day. At Aarhus University, you will find a lot of fun events during the semester that will help you get to know fellow students across the different faculties.   

Clubs and organizations

Staying involved is a great way to make the most of your time in Aarhus. There are a number of clubs and organizations through Aarhus University that students can become a part of, many of which operate in both Danish and English. In addition, volunteering is not only a great networking opportunity for students, but it is also a great way for international students to get to know the Danes and create a stronger connection with Aarhus and Denmark.

AU Student Ambassador Network

The AU Student Ambassador Network connects international students from all disciplines and nationalities and will give you insights into our marketing efforts to recruit new international students.

By becoming a student ambassador, you get to help future students make the right choice and provide them with insights about what it is like to study at Aarhus University. Furthermore, you will get to meet other international students and staff and add AU Student Ambassador to your CV.

The purpose of the network is to give international students a voice in our marketing towards prospective students. This means that ambassadors for instance do take overs on our Instagram, take part in our Open Day and volunteer to be part of our extensive list of students to reach out to, if prospective students want to know more about the student life at AU. 

We invite all new student ambassadors to a welcome session, where we will tell you about the programme, about Aarhus University, let you meet each other and provide you with a free meal. All student ambassadors will be invited to 2-4 sessions throughout the year where we meet for lunch or dinner, and just have some fun and maybe learn a little about each other. As an extra thank you, we will provide all student ambassadors with a little gift bag including AU merchandise and more.

If you are interested in signing up, please send an email before 5 September to Gitte Bindzus Foldager - gbf@au.dk with your name, nationality, what you study, if you are an exchange or a full degree student and a few lines about why you want to join.  We take in new ambassadors in the beginning of each semester.

Aarhus University on Social Media

You can find Aarhus University on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook where you can keep yourself updated at all times. Check out other students’ pictures on our Instagram – aarhus_university, where international students do take overs every week, or use the hashtag #AUInternational, #Yourniversity or #aarhusuni to find more pictures of student life in Aarhus. 

Aarhus University on Instagram

On aarhus_university a new international student take over our account each week to share their student life and experiences with life in Denmark. Follow their journey with #AUInternational and #aarhusuni



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