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Virtual Open Day at Aarhus University

Twice a year, in November and late January/early February, you have the opportunity to watch live presentations and meet both staff and students from our degree programmes.Once the dates are announced you will be able to sign up for the event. Additionally, a Virtual Open Day just for Engineering students takes place every August. 

Programme 31 January 2023

11:00 Hear about Aarhus, Aarhus University, housing and why this is the right university for you
11:45 How to apply for admission - Bachelor's programmes
11:45 How to apply for admission -  Master's programmes
12:45-13:15 Q&A with current international students - this is your chance to ask questions live to current students about life at AU
13:30 Programme presentations part 1
  • Master's of engineering in Technology Based Business Development 
  • MSc degree programmes in Engineering - all MSc programmes in Aarhus
  • MSc in Biology
  • MSc in Cognitive Science
  • MA in European Studies
14:30 Programme presentations part 2
  • BSc degree programme in Economics and Business Administration
  • MSc in Geology and Geophysics 
  • MSc in Physics and MSc in Astronomy
  • Study at Moesgaard - MA in Visual Anthropology, Sustainable Heritage Management and Human Security
  • MA in Linguistics

Programme presentations part 3

  • MSc degree programme in Economics and Business Administation