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Leaving Denmark

There are several authorities you need to inform upon departure.

Here is a list to help you with the procedures you need to complete before leaving Denmark.

Exchange students only – transcripts of records

You can download your secure Transcript of Records from mystudies.au.dk

After logging in, you click Degree program overview in the top menu, then you can click print "Transcript of records" in the top right corner.

After clicking ”Download”, you will be able to choose Danish or English.

Your transcript will be available when your first grades have been registered and is available for download for 100 days after your last exam.

In the event that your home university cannot accept an electronic version of the transcript, please contact your AU academic coordinator to request a printed copy to be mailed. Please include contact person and address at your home university.

Full degree students only - getting your exam certificate

When you have completed your Bachelor's or Masters's degree programme, you will receive an exam certificate within two months after the announce­ment of the result of your final exam (July is not included). If you use e-Boks, your certificate will be issued to your e-Boks. If you do not use e-Boks, please contact your local study administration.

You are welcome to print a transcript of records from STADS (Self-Service) via mystudies.au.dk  and use it until you receive your certificate. 

The exam certificate issued to you after finishing your programme is the only origi­nal documentation of your completion of the programme.  

Therefore, it is your responsibility to contact the university immediately if you do not receive your exam certificate within two months after the announce­ment of the result of your final exam. Likewise, you must contact the university if you suspect any errors in your certificate.

Please note, that the month of July is not included when calculating the two-month deadline.

CPR - De-registration

If you have stayed in Denmark less than 6 months it happens automatically. The National Register (CPR), registered your semester end date when you applied for CPR in the beginning of your semester, and will cancel your CPR number after that date (unless you have informed them another departure date).

If you stay longer than 6 months in Denmark you need to contact Citizen Service at DOKK1 to deregister your CPR. If you have MitID you can do it online.

It is extremely important that you deregister your CPR number when you leave Denmark, otherwise your CPR number is still connected to your Danish housing address and your Danish doctor. This will give problems for the next person who moves in and prevent another person to get your doctor instead. It can also cost a fine.

Danish Social Security

When you leave the country you are no longer covered by the Danish Social security.

Remember to destroy your health insurance card.


If you have had a job in Denmark and move abroad, your taxability has to be determined. In this case, you must inform the tax authorities.

Holiday Pay

If you have had a job in Denmark, you must contact ATP in order to receive your holiday pay.

What happens to your postal mail

Postal mail sent to your address here in Denmark will not be passed on to your new address abroad but will be returned to the sending part if the address appears on the envelope.

Others to inform

Inform your insurance company and your bank.