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Extending your stay

EU/EEA citizens

If you extend your studies you do not have to do anything. If you are studying a full degree and plan to stay and work in Denmark after graduation you need to contact SIRI (XXX) and apply for a new EU Residence Certificate.

Non-EU/EEA citizens

If you want to extend your stay in Denmark you can submit your application for an extension no sooner than three months before your residence permit expires. However, if you are a student at a higher educational programme which has been approved by a state authority, you can submit your application for an extension four months before your residence permit expires. It is crucial that you submit your application for an extension before your current residence permit expires.

If you submit your application after the date your residence permit expires, you should expect your application to be rejected because you are residing illegally in Denmark. If your application is rejected, the Danish Agency for Labour Retention and International Recruitment will not process your application, and you will have to leave Denmark and apply for a new residence permit in your country of origin. Such an application will be regarded and processed as an entirely new application for a residence permit, i.e. it will be processed in accordance with the rules that apply to first-time applicants. In other words, you will lose the right to an extension of your previous residence permit.

If you are residing illegally in Denmark you risk being expelled and given an entry ban, i.e. you will be banned from entering Denmark for a certain period of time. You also risk being reported to the police for illegal residence.

How to apply

In order to apply for an extension, you must fill out an ST3 form. ST3 extension applications for those who are living in Denmark under student visas can be found on the Official Portal for Foreigners in Denmark.

Alternatively, the forms can be downloaded here as well.

Full degree student must contact the Admission's Office in order to receive the correct ST3 form.

Admission’s Office can be contacted at ba.admission@au.dk for bachelor students and for master students at ma.admission@au.dk.

Exchange students must get approval from the home institution and the AU coordinator. Once both approvals have been received please contact the International Center – ic@au.dk.

Application for an extension of a residence permit as a student