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7 events you must attend

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1. The Regatta:

There is no bigger or better student event in Denmark – maybe even in the world – than the annual Regatta. As many as 25,000 students watch as teams compete for honour, glory and the Golden Bedpan in the University Park Lake.

2. Aarhus Festival:

The very first Aarhus Festival was held in 1965, and it is now one of the biggest and most reputable art and culture festivals in Northern Europe. The programme includes practically every art form: dance, theatre, exhibitions, classical and rhythmic music, children’s culture, sports and entertainment.

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3. Denmark's Biggest Friday Bar and Sports Day:

This is a big day of sports and partying for students at AU and other higher educations in Aarhus. The event is always on the second Friday of September and fills the University Park with thousands of partying students.

4. Spot Festival:

SPOT Festival takes place on stages in and around Musikhuset Aarhus. It is considered one of the most important showcases of modern Nordic music and gathers reviewers from all over the world.

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5. Northside Festival:

Northside Festival is one of the biggest music festivals in Denmark. It differs from other festivals in that it is a city festival held close to the centre of Aarhus.

6. Food Festival:

The largest Nordic food festival has become a popular event and draws an ever-increasing number of visitors. Learn about Nordic cuisine, fill your belly and get inspired to try new foods.

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7. Denmark's Ugliest Festival:

Since GrimFest’s early days as a garden party in 2004, it has grown into a big festival with a unique atmosphere and interesting lineups.

8. Start Studying Aarhus:

Start Studying Aarhus takes place at Mølleparken and is an event filled with activities. You can hang out with your fellow students and experience live music, happenings and entertainment.

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