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About Student Housing Aarhus

Student Housing Aarhus is responsible for managing the majority of dormitory rooms in Aarhus. It's important to note that Aarhus University and Student Housing Aarhus are separate organizations, and students may be eligible to apply for housing through both entities. Due to high demand, both organizations often have lengthy waiting lists, so it's advisable to sign up as early as possible. Students can register for the waiting list at Student Housing Aarhus up to 6 months before the start of their studies, and admission documents are not required at the time of registration.

About living in a dorm

In Aarhus there is no campus housing available for students. Rather, dormitories are scattered throughout the Aarhus area, including in the outskirts, but always within close proximity to public transportation. In all residences, students are responsible for cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry, among other household tasks. Descriptions of the various residences can be found on the Student Housing Aarhus website at www.studenthousingaarhus.com.


Only a few residences provide furniture, so applicants should be mindful of this when applying for a room. If you opt for an unfurnished room, you will need to furnish it upon your arrival. More information on how to obtain furniture can be found on our website. Dorms providing furniture (while supplies last): Skjoldhøj, Ravnsbjerg and Vilhelm Kiers.


Twice a year you must document that you are an active student. In order to be an active student you must proof that you pass  your exams. If you are an intern you are normally not taking exams and therefore NOT able to document that you are an active student (in Denmark). In that case, you can NOT apply for housing at Student Housing Aarhus. A few dorms (Skjoldhøj, Ravnsbjerg and Vilhelm Kiers) might in the low season be able to offer you a room even though you are not defined as an active student. Contact www.studenthousingaarhus.com to hear more.

Age limit is 18-35 years. Are you younger or older, you can't apply for housing through www.studenthousingaarhus.com 

Rent and deposit

Typically, it is customary to pay a deposit (which is usually equivalent to three months of rent) and either a payment equivalent to three months of rent or the first month's rent before or when starting the lease. This implies that you need to have the ability to pay for 4-6 months of rent in one go PRIOR to acquiring the lease. Keep this in mind as you plan your expenses during your initial months in Denmark. Read more here.

Housing Guarantee

New students admitted to a higher level education in Aarhus can benefit from the housing guarantee offered by Aarhus Municipality. This guarantee grants them first priority in the queue for accommodation and access to a pool of rooms specifically reserved for this purpose. Typically, these rooms are located in halls of residence with the shortest waiting lists in the outer suburbs. However, there are specific conditions and deadlines associated with this service. For more information and to apply, please visit www.studenthousingaarhus.com.

Application guide

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Go to www.studenthousingaarhus.com to apply for a room in a residence.
  2. Carefully read the instructions and general rules for applicants, and utilize the help functions.
  3. Apply for all or many different dorms, not just the centrally located ones with long waiting lists.
  4. Submit your application to Student Housing Aarhus as soon as possible, up to six months before your studies begin. The application process is free of charge, and you do not need to be admitted to AU to apply.
  5. Rooms are allocated based on seniority on the waiting list. Your seniority on the list increases every month.
  6. Renew your application actively each month to keep it active. Failure to do so will result in restarting from the bottom of the waiting list.
  7. Move-in dates of June 1st or July 1st are preferable, as waiting lists are shorter. Keep this in mind when selecting your preferred move-in date. However, rent payment begins on the contract start date, so additional rent payments will be required. Applying for housing from August or September may result in waiting until October or November, as these are popular move-in dates for new students in Aarhus.

Differences AU Housing & Student Housing Aarhus

AU Housing Student Housing Aarhus
No housing guarantee Housing guarantee, optional, limited
Limited available accommodations More available accommodations
Furnished Unfurnished (Vilhelm Kiers, Ravnsbjerg & Skjoldhøj offer furniture)
Not possible to apply for specific dorms You can apply for specific dorms
No age limit (only few options for + 35 students) Age limit 18-35 years
Time limited contract (1-year contract - maximum) Possibility of contract for your entire study period (relevant if you are staying in Aarhus for more than 12 months.)
Short termination deadlines Longer termination deadlines
Offer sent to 1 person Offer sent to 5-20 people
All information in English Information in Danish with English translation 

Two persons application

You can apply for housing for two persons (both friend and partner.) Read more here.