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Furniture and equipment


Have you found yourself an unfurnished room and need to find some furniture, you can find different options here.

Second hand - Reuse

  • On the webpage: GulogGratis.dk you can either find cheap furniture or search for furniture that people want to give away for free (make sure to mark your location).
  • You can also find furniture on different facebook pages, for instance:
    • 1. Storskrald i Aarhus - free furniture that is going to be thrown away, you find the furniture on the streets and they are free to collect. On the facebook page other people inform you about the furniture, and where you can find them (NB. make sure that the furniture is actually 'storskrald' and not people who are moving in/out)
    • 2. Marketplace - furniture in all price ranges.
  • Reuse options.
  • You can also find a little more informatio on this link under arriving and settling in.

Buy new furniture

IKEA is a multinational shop that designs and sells new ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances, decoration, home accessories, and various other goods and home services. You can find everything you need for your home and within a reasonable price range. IKEA offers transportation to your home.

Jysk is a Danish retail chain, selling household goods such as mattresses, furniture, and interior décor. There are some transport options and the price for delivery varies depending on the item size. 

Silvan is a retailer shop with building materials. See transport options below (Transportation) or read more on their website.

Ilva is a shop with furniture and home accessories. You can borrow a trailer for free if you buy items from Ilva.


If you want to transport your items, you can easily rent a electric cargo bike or a trailer.

If you buy items from the danish chain Silvan, which is a retail shop with DIY building materials you can rent a trailer or a cargo bike for free, but otherwise the bike costs 29 DKK and the trailer 199 DKK for one day. 

Internet router

If you need to buy a router, we recommend: 

Elgiganten which sells routers for approx. 150-300 DKK.

Power sells routers in all price ranges.

Bilka sells routers for approx. 150-500 DKK.

If you have housing through AU Housing, you can find out if you need to bring or buy a router via the Online residence information.