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Rent, deposit and contracts


Rents in Denmark vary widely, depending on the region, location, size, fixtures etc. Generally, renting a home is more expensive in Copenhagen and Aarhus, while smaller towns and rural areas are considerably less expensive. Also, whether you live in the centre or outskirts of the city makes a great difference in the price.

Even without a car, it is common to live 10-20 km from campus and travel with public busses/trains to/from work. In the bigger cities, busses and trains run frequently and fast and you can normally reach work within 30-45 minutes even when you live 10-20 km from campus.


In addition to your monthly rent, you should expect to pay for utilities such as heating, water, electricity and internet. Sometimes utilities are included in the monthly rent so make sure to find out whether you have to pay utilities or not.

A conto

A conto payment is a fixed amount that is paid in advance to cover your expected consumption, and is later adjusted based on your actual consumption. This payment is based on an average calculation, such as the estimated annual consumption. Read more here.


In Denmark it is normal to pay a deposit when renting accommodation. There are limits to the amount that the owner may request in deposit. Legally, he or she can request up to 3 months deposit and 3 months prepaid rent.

The deposit will remain on the owner’s account until the apartment has been inspected for any damages and the heating and other utilities have been settled.

When terminating your lease, if you have prepaid 3 months of rent, you will not need to pay rent for the last three months of your lease.


The leasing contract defines some of the rights and obligations of the tenant and the landlord. This includes the amount of rent you must pay and the conditions for moving-in and moving-out.

If you rent a home from a public housing enterprise, a written lease is required by law. However, a written lease is not required by law for privately owned homes, but it is recommended nonetheless. When subletting, a written contract is required by law in all cases.

Do not pay rent and deposit to the landlord before having received a signed leasing contract. Your landlord could use the authorized version in Danish, from the link below. The English version of the lease contract is not authorized but can be used as a translation of the authorized Danish contract. You can find links to the contracts below.

Understand the Danish rental law

At https://www.lejeloven.dk/ (in Danish) you find answers to many of the questions about the Danish rental law, that you might have.