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Moving in & out Emdrup

Moving in

When does your lease start?

Your leasing contract starts on the day stated in your housing offer, and normally you can pick up your key from that date (or any day hereafter). It is not possible to receive the key before your lease starts, also not just one day earlier. If it happens that your lease starts on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, you can't pick up your key until the first weekday hereafter. You need to arrange and pay for short term accommodation until then yourself.

Picking up your key

You have to contact Eva Lise Eriksen at eli@au.dk minimum two weeks before your arrive to arrange how and when to pick up your key and leasing contract. Keys can be picked up during normal office hours on weekdays only.

What to do when moving in?

You have to fill in the moving in checklist immediately after moving in. As this might determine how much of your deposit you will get back, you are asked to complete the report on your first day. Complaints including if you notice any problems with the furniture or you have complaints regarding the cleaning of the room should  immediately be sent to housing@au.dk.


AU Housing strongly recommends that you take out home contents insurance that will cover your loss in case of burglary, fire etc. AU does not cover any losses.

Moving out

Notice of termination

If you wish to alter the period of your accommodation during your stay, make sure to notify AU Housing as soon as possible by filling out the enclosed “Notice of termination” – form, and sent it to housing@au.dk. Please notice that you can terminate your lease with one months’ notice to the 1st in a month. You will have to vacate your apartment no later than 7 working days before the contract ends. Find more information in your residence folder.

  • Download the ”Notice of termination” form


Minimum two weeks before your departure, you have to arrange a moving out inspection. Send an email to housing@au.dk. If possible, please be present during the inspection. Read more here.

After the inspection, please return keys and laundry card to the inspector. If you are unable to attend the inspection, the above items are to be returned to Eva Lise Eriksen.(During office hours)


Loss of keys and laundry card, a fee will be deducted from your deposit.

Reimbursement of deposit

The deposit will be reimbursed (after withdrawal of eventual costs) after the final inspection when you have left your lease. The deposit will be reimbursed to the same credit card you used when making the deposit payment. Reimbursement in cash is not possible. The processing time for reimbursement of deposit can be up to 3 months.