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Cost of living

Living costs

The standard of living is high and the economy performs above the European average. Accommodation, food, transport and leisure are therefore relatively expensive in Denmark compared to many other countries. However, salaries are correspondingly high, and many services such as medical treatment and schools are paid for via taxes and the Danish welfare system, so that no user fees are charged. 

You will find more detailed information about opening a bank account, NemID and payment methods in Denmark on the right side.

The table below shows typical expenses of students living in Aarhus. The actual amount of expenses also depends on the individual lifestyle of each student.

Estimated Budget for Student in Aarhus

Budget Examples From Current Students

Lilia - MA European Studies

Hey, I'm Lilia. I'm from the UK and I'm 25 years old. I am currently living in a privately rented apartement (shared with my boyfriend).

I enjoy a night out, but my partying habits have definitely calmed down since my BA days, and I usually only go out for drinks on the weekend now! I mostly cook at home, but I like check out a new restaurant every month, and I also get a take-away/lunch out a few times a month. I'm a fairly sensible spender - I try not to spend money unnecessarily, but I wouldn't say I'm very strict when it comes to day-to-day spending. 

Top Money Saving Tip: Check out Facebook Marketplace, you can save a lot of money buying things second hand.

Guilty Spending Pleasure: Expensive cocktails from Two Socks Gin Bar!

Aleksandra - MA Intercultural Studies

Hi, I'm Aleksandra. I'm 21 and come from Poland. I'm currently living in a dorm. 

I rarely go out for food or drinks anywhere, to try and save money, because the prices at the bars and restaurants in Denmark are pretty high. When I do go out though, I go either for a house party or the bar at our dorm for student friendly prices!

Top Money Saving Tip: Note down all your expenses and keep an eye on them.

Guilty Spending Pleasure: Sodas and energy drinks :)

Ondrej - MSc International Economic Consulting

Hi, I'm Ondrej! I'm 23 years old and I come from Czechia. I live in a private 1 bedroom apartment (35m2). 

I spend most of my free time running, cycling or bouldering. I hardly ever spend a night out - maybe once in 6 months or so. I spend a lot of time commuting to Copenhagen as my girlfriend lives there and we tend to eat out once during the weekend. Apart from that, I mostly cook at home or eat in the canteen at the University, where it's very cheap. I also try to save money buing discounted food.

I have a car as I work at LEGO in Billund and have to commute. The monthly spendings (insurance, taxes and gas) are quite high, so my budget is carefully planned.

Top Money Saving Tip: If you are willing to commute a bit, then having accomodation outside of the city centre can save 100-150 EUR a month

Guilty Spending Pleasure: Asian food, running shoes

Carolin - MSc Marketing

Hi, I'm Carolin. I'm from Germany and I am 23 years old. I'm currently living in a privately rented apartment, shared with my partner.

I mostly cook at home and try to meal prep lunches for the week but will go out to a café or restaurant a couple of times a month. I usually bike everywhere but if the weather gets really bad I'll take the bus or car share. I would say I'm a really responsible spender as I'm saving most of my money for travelling but will also spend a little bit more on clothes or expensive food from time to time.

Top Money Saving Tip: Meal prep

Guilty Spending Pleasure: Ben & Jerry's ice cream