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Climate Change - Cross-disciplinary Challenges and Solutions

Earth’s climate is changing, and this raises a multitude of associated problems for society. The required solutions need to combine knowledge and skills from all sciences. Therefore, this course draws on expertise of experts from humanities, natural and technical sciences as well as business and social sciences This course will cover the scientific backgrounds for understanding climate change, including the drivers of climate change, both natural and anthropogenic, together with associated problems related to for example politics, economy,  agriculture, and human migration. Also, potential solutions will be presented and discussed by drawing on knowledge from all disciplines. The course will bring together students with backgrounds in different university sciences to form cross-disciplinary groups that address different specific issues of climate change through case-work.

Exam info and full course description

  Exam info and full course description can be found in the course catalogue.  

Admission Requirements

Course specific:

All students holding a university bachelor degree per July 2022 are welcome.

You should be interested in going outside your scientific comfort zone and eager to understand other approaches to the climate challenges and solutions.   


Exchange students: nomination from your home university

Freemovers: documentation for English Language proficiency

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