Aarhus University Seal

Kayla Schneider from USA

Aarhus is a breathtaking, adventurous city within an even greater country. Having heard about Denmark upon my arrival, I had set expectations in order to prep myself; although, when I first arrived, Aarhus had soon enough exceeded those expectations. I have come to love the Danes’ kindness and willingness to help . On our first day, as we encountered a difficulty with our apartment, two separate locals stopped and asked if we needed help because we had seemed lost.

Aarhus and Denmark exceeded well beyond my expectations! Every other day, I took off on an adventure with friends and was not once disappointed in what we ran into. Nature walks led into ice cream bars and shore lines, being lost led to a botanical garden, before finding the deer park, we found the Queen’s summer house and the circle boardwalk. Denmark definitely will find a way onto my travel list once again!

I believe my trip was a once in a lifetime opportunity, that I do not regret accepting. The cost may be scary to a student, although the experiences and memories made are priceless. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.