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Danish way of living

Located at Scandinavia’s southern edge, Denmark is Europe’s gateway to the Nordic region. Denmark is safe and secure, with a very low crime rate. The Danes are relaxed, informal, and often ironic. ‘Hygge’ – making people feel at home – is an essential part of life. Maybe that is why the Danes have been named as the world’s happiest people on numerous occasions.
Most Danes have a good command of English, so communication is easy even if you don’t speak Danish.

The Danish welfare society

Since Danish society prioritises a good work-life balance, democracy and other welfare services, taxes in Denmark are high. Yet these high taxes give rise to a welfare society with generally high standards of living and a good provision of public services, such as free healthcare and education. 

Flat structures and informality

Many expats in Denmark describe their experience of Danish work culture as flat-structured and informal. This means, for example, that all employees and managers address each other by their first names and that most decisions are made in forums in which all employees have an equal say.

Safe, secure, equal

Denmark is widely cited as one of the world’s most liveable places. It has the world’s highest level of income equality according to the OECD.

Based on the Corruption Transparency Index, Denmark is the least corrupted country in the world.

English - no problem

Danes were recently ranked as one of the best non-native English speakers in the world, so it is easy for international students to get along in Denmark even if they don’t speak Danish.