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Emma Bornai from Hungary

Emma Bornai from Hungary studies English at the University of Greenwich and was on exchange at Aarhus University from September 2010 to June 2011 where she studied English and Linguistics.

Why Aarhus University?

I really wanted to come to Denmark, so I looked at possibilities for both the University of Copenhagen and Aarhus University. I chose Aarhus because it was a smaller city surrounded by forest and sea and it seemed much friendlier to me.

The reason I wanted to come to Denmark in the first place was because I had Danish exchange friends in the UK who spoke very fondly about Denmark and because Danish is a very interesting language.

Another reason why I chose Aarhus is because when the Vikings invaded England, they came from Jutland so the spoke that dialect, which has influenced the English language. That is of course interesting for someone like me who studies languages.

About Aarhus University

The level of teaching here is very high and I think AU offers a lot of opportunities.

I like the Danish way of learning and teaching and even though I was the only non-Danish speaking person in one of my classes, the other students just switched to English without any problems and everyone was fine by this.

Everyone here works very hard and is very enthusiastic about their work, which is very motivating.

The study groups here are also much more effective than what I have experienced anywhere else.

Finally, I really like all the exciting guest lectures and themes we have here – like for instance a theme about forensic linguistics.

About living in Aarhus and Denmark

I really like Aarhus because I really felt at home already a few weeks after arrival. I have very good friends here and I can also pursue my hobbies here.

I live in a shared apartment in Tilst outside of Aarhus. I actually wanted to live close to the city, but I got offered this place, which is actually pretty far away from the city. First I was upset about this, but now I really like it. It is nice and quiet and it is close to a big supermarket. It also gives me the opportunity for some good exercise when I bike to the university every day. And biking is something every person here does!

Everyone here is so healthy. They bike everywhere and eat lots of vegetables. And they are very conscious about their health.

Danes are also very friendly and helpful. Everyone I have met has been very open towards international students. Before I came, I was told that Danes are very reserved but when I got to Denmark they just started talking to me, so that is really not my experience.

What’s next?

I would like to come back to Aarhus University after I finish my BA in the UK. I would like to do a Master’s degree combined with a PhD degree, which I have found out is possible to do here if you are really talented.