Aarhus University Seal

Claudia Gunn from Australia

Oh Denmark. Where do I even begin…

As I sit on the plane making my (long) journey home to Australia, I can’t help but think how incredible the last five weeks have been.Prior to my departure, I was a ball of nerves. Would I make friends? Would I like my course? Would I like Denmark? The questions were never-ending, but boy oh boy am I glad that I pushed myself to go on the adventure of a lifetime.

To put it frankly, the city is extremely welcoming, homey, lively and beautiful. Before going to Aarhus, I was expecting that I would catch the bus every day, but how wrong was I! I joined in with all others living in Denmark and walked everywhere! Whether that was to class or on a one and a half hour trek to the nearest beach. That is something I found so amazing about the Danes; they walk and bike everywhere!

And the city even has a Deer Park where wild deer live and you can go and feed them carrots – I highly recommend!

The Danes are some of the most genuine and friendly people I have ever met, Aarhus University is amazing and the city of Aarhus is just beautiful. You’ll be wanting to visit again as soon as you leave… I know I sure do!