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Sublet to international students

Do you have a room or a flat you want to sublet?

AU Housing needs rooms for international students. We are primarily looking for furnished rooms with a rent lower than 4000 DKK, and within 7 km from campus. Apartments and houses where more students can live together are also of interest. The lease period can be from August or September 2021 and until January or June/July 2022. We don't have any students arriving earlier than 1 August 2021.


Draw up a contract

AU Housing will as soon as possible try to find a tenant for you. Exchange students can apply for admission to AU between 1.3. and 1.5. As soon as the students are admitted to AU, we will start handling the housing applications.

When we have found a potential tenant for you, we will send an email to you as well as to the potential tenant and ask you to contact each other.

Then you fill in a leasing contract. You need to use an authorized version of a leasing contract. You can download it from here. (Word-format). Unfortunately there are no authorized versions available in English, but you can translate it using this translation. Therefore, you must fill out and sign the Danish version. When you have filled in the contract, please send two copies to your tenant. Ask him/her to sign both contracts and return one to you as soon as possible. Attach the English version, so the tenant understands the contract.

Please notice that you enter into the agreement as private persons, and that the role of AU Housing is solely to establish the contact between you. Aarhus University is not responsible for any economic loss due to incidents or missing payments. Should any problems arise you are of course welcome to contact AU Housing at housing@au.dk and we will do what we can to help you.

Do not forget to check out the conditions for sublease in your own contract.

Rent payment

You can choose to continue paying your rent to your landlord as usual, and to state in the leasing contract with your tenant that he/she pays the rent to your account. In that way you will know immediately, if your tenant fails to pay the rent. If it suits you better you can of course also ask your tenant to pay directly to your landlord. No matter which model you choose, it is important that you include payment conditions and notices in the contract. Remember to include expenses of electricity, heating and water.


We recommend that you ask for 3 months’ rent as deposit. This is of course to be paid back to the tenant when the contract ends, eventual costs deducted. Make a clear agreement with your tenant on when the two of you together can inspect the room.

Moving in and out

Ask your new tenant to fill out a checklist when he/she moves in. Use this or draw one up yourself.

When it is time for your tenant to move out again fill out a new checklist together. Use this or draw one up yourselves. If you can't agree on possible occurred damages, make sure to document these with photos and invite offers from repair companies.


It is an advantage that you can sublet your accommodation with furniture, at least the most basic things like chair, table, bed, lamps and book case/wardrobe.

If you are not able to sublet with furniture please contact housing@au.dk. We might be able to find some furniture.

Term of notice

We recommend that the term of notice is set to 3 months.

Claim for damages

Compensation for any damages to your room, furniture or other belongings should be directed to your tenant (he/she might have an insurance to cover the loss.) Aarhus University is not responsible for any damages to your room, furniture or belongings.