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Post doc Herning

AU doesn't dispose of any accommodation for international staff in Herning and you will therefore need to find a place to stay at the private market or via the different housing portals.

Housing organisations

Boligselskabet Fruehøjgaard
Aaparken 2
7400 Herning
Tlf.: 97 21 43 44

Boligselskabet Lejerbo
Brygergade 3 B
7400 Herning
Tlf.: 70 12 13 10

Skolegade 62
7400 Herning
Tlf.: 96 26 58 58

Boligselskabet BoMidtVest
Islandsgade 3
7430 Ikast
Tlf.: 97 15 21 55

Housing portals

There are many different housing portals in Denmark where you (for a fee) can search for all sorts of accommodation. Just google 'boligportal' and you will find a great variety.

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